Sunday, August 25, 2013

End of Summer Blooms

I love summer and gardening.  My yard is at its peak in May-July each year; however, there are still some good blooms to enjoy into August and September.  One of my favorite flowers, Cosmos, are in full bloom right now!  In fact, they were going SO crazy along the entry to my front door, I had to put this little fence up to corral them in.  My husband thought I should cut them back...  now that's just crazy-talk!!


This area is fairly newly planted.  A few months ago I decided to pull all of the boxwoods that were lining this planter.  I was able to give them to a friend and they are now thriving in her backyard.

We already had this amazing Weeping Cherry and Tree Peony.  They both bloom in early Spring.
Is there anything prettier than a clematis climbing up a birdhouse and blooming?
Here it is a few weeks after I planted the area.  Many of the flowers that were blooming back in May are done now, but the Cosmos are happy to keep going!

And because I love birdhouses, I had to throw this picture in.   The fern is a volunteer.  I love how it's growing around the birdhouse. 
What are your favorite flowers? 
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  1. I am totally envious. My garden was looking beautiful until we brought our new puppy home. She loves to run through the flowers and hide beneath bushes. I tell myself this too shall pass.

    Your cosmos and the weeping pink tree, the clematis on the birdhouse, all of them are wonderful.

  2. I really like the look without the boxwoods, that was a great decision.

  3. I am so jealous!! I have weed takeover in my front garden. And there is a snake in there so I won't weed it...and a woodchuck, I think! Your gardens are simply beautiful.

  4. Silly Pat, cut down the cosmos?! Ha Ha! Everything looks great!

  5. i love cosmos also. And bachelor buttons. Late summer is my favorite time in the garden.

  6. You really put a lot of care into your yard and it shows. Beautiful flowers, Pam!!

  7. You have a wonderful yard, Pam! Great job!

  8. Cut it back...Well that is crazy talk! How great to have flowers blooming until the end of the season. Your garden is goreous!


  9. Your home and yard are beautiful... you've done great to get blossoms in this hot summer this year.
    thanks for your awesome support for the flea market sales this summer, sure appreciate you. Always love to see what your up to wih the adventures in home improvements.

  10. Hi Pam, I enjoyed seeing your bloomers! Hehe! Your new flower bed is WAY more interesting than boxwoods! I am really admiring your weeping cherry. I have a spot for one and cannot decide between it and a Japanese maple! Love that image of the birdhouse wrapped with clematis! Just beautiful!


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