Friday, August 2, 2013

Doing the Wave with Petunias

I'm so glad that someone figured out how to come up with Wave Petunias, because I love them!! 

I had some trouble finding them this year.  The planting date that everyone goes by here is Mother's Day.  We were going to be out of town right around there, so I waited until Memorial Day to buy them. Boy was I shocked that they were really hard to find!  Luckily they had just put some out that morning at my favorite nursery.  The colors were limited to purples and whites.  I would've preferred to have more pink flowers, but beggars can't be choosers, right?! 
I have them in pots on my driveway and on my back patio.  They are blooming like crazy and are just so much fun to look at!
Here's Bailey doing his wave!  "Hey, I just came in 20 seconds ago, but now I must go outside again!"  :)
What are your favorite flowers for pots?
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  1. They are stunners! I will consider those for my garden next year; I truly am the worst gardener (I can't even call myself that) in the world.

    My darn cat does that same thing too, in and out all day long.

  2. Those are huge and just beautiful:)

  3. Pam your planters look gorgeous!! I love the wave petunias also.

  4. Pretty! Love purple.
    Your garden area looks so lush!
    Poor Baily, he can't make up his mind, ...just like me. :) Pat

  5. I love petunias! Our are not as robust this year...the weather has just not been cooperating, yours are stunning! Popping by from Blitzed on Pinterest! :)

  6. Your petunias are magnificent! Love, love, love the colors! You must have a potent green thumb! I bought several wave petunias for my front urns. They really thrived at first, filling out and cascading down. Now they've become spindly and look like they are on their last blooms. This has happened to me with all my petunias, including the wave, which I thought would do better. I keep telling myself not to waste my money but I end up buying them anyway. They offer so many varieties of shades of purple. My hat is off to you for your success with petunias!

  7. My favorite color is bubble gum and cotton candy so I know if I want them I have to get to the garden center in April or they are gone!

  8. Love the wave petunias too! yours look so pretty!

  9. Oh my goodness they look lovely!! I have killed my petunias...or just about. They were hanging beautifully when I got them but now...sad, really! :) I'll just have to admire yours!

  10. What is your secret for such beautiful blooms? I've had a terrible time this year with rabbits and deer eating everything in sight. The only thing I have left are in the hanging plants.

  11. Your Wave petunias are so pretty. Love the purple and white combination. Sometimes I don't have good luck with petunias lasting all summer, but the Wave ones seem the best. Bailey is so cute "waving" at us.
    Visiting form BNOTP.

  12. Such pretty petunias. They definitely add a lot of color to your patio.

  13. They are so pretty Pam! Love the color you chose and I agree that it's so nice not having to "pinch" them off like the older varieties!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!

  14. Piacere di conoscerti!

  15. Great wave petunias, Pam! They look gorgeous on your patio!
    Nice and Clean Bromley

  16. Mine started out gorgeous this year but have sadly been devoured by the infamous budworm.

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