Sunday, February 15, 2015

Make a fun STATEment with Pillows

A friend gave me an Oregon dishtowel for Christmas with such detailed embroidery. 
I certainly didn't want to use it as a dishtowel.  So I made it into a pillow.  I ironed it, folded it in half and sewed the edges.  I left a few inches open and filled it with batting. 
And now I have a great Oregon pillow that will last for years!
So, I posted a picture of it on Facebook and a friend immediately called me and asked if I could make a pillow out of her identical towel, but hers is for South Carolina.  Of course I'd make her a pillow too.
I'll laugh if someone else comes to me with yet another state dishtowel to be transformed into a pillow.  :)
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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Where's the Fire?

For Christmas I found an old fire extinguisher for my husband.  He was very excited!  He's been wanting to redo one for awhile and this was a neat old one. 

So here is the 'before' when I bought it from eBay. 

And after a lot of cleaning and polishing, here is the after!  Beautiful!  He was hoping to put it upstairs in his ManCave, but I talked him into leaving it in the living room.

So, he needed one for his ManCave...

This week, I found this one on our local Craigslist.  At first I wasn't sure, as it had the blue top, but he thought it'd be a good candidate for a redo.

And he was right!  Another beauty!  This one doesn't have the detailed raised letters like the other one, but it is still very neat.  And the formerly blue top is now a beautiful, cleaned and polished bronze.


We love the look of them! 
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Have You Discovered

I recently discovered the site  Wow!  They have everything!  It is definitely my new favorite site! 
We put a pool table in our Game Room a couple of months ago and are looking for a light to hang over it.  I was so impressed with the selection I found at  I found a fixture that I thought might work.  I had some questions, so used their chat button and within seconds, I had a live person on the other end to answer me! 

What I really found helpful on their site is that the available quantities were listed right with the product.  I was able to see that they had 19 fixtures in stock and yes, it could be shipped in 1-2 days.
Besides the lighting, there are a TON of choices for everything from bathroom fixtures to tools to appliances to flooring.  Oh my gosh, they really do have everything! 
I like that their price is listed, the Retail Price is listed, Shipping is clearly stated (free for this item!) and the date when it'll ship is all right there before I even add it to my cart.
There's even a spot on each item that lists their phone number, a link to their email as well as a Live Chat link.  Now that's Customer Service.  :)
 If you're looking for anything for your home, I would suggest checking out!    
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Stairs for the New Year

My husband can make just about anything and has become quite the craftsman at making wooden stairs.  He's made them for our last two houses, this house and a friend's house.  Earlier this year, he made them for the staircase going up to the ManCave.  Over Christmas, he made these for the stairs going down to the basement. 
Previously we had carpet on the stairs, but with the kids living at home as well as their friends going up and down on beige carpet, it really took a beating.  When we had the carpet cleaner here this summer, he told us either the stairs would be beautiful or they'd be ruined by what he was doing to them.  Well, they were ruined, which was fine because I've got the husband who can fix that.  :)
I've learned that any project done with power tools in the house will make a mess.  Putting this plastic up helped keep the mess contained.
This set of stairs had some unique angles that required lots of his skill!  Also, he was able to match the stairs perfectly to the walnut in the rest of the house!

We've finally smartened up and kicked the kids out of the extra garage so now he has a spot to leave his woodworking during the work weeks. 

He used the same pattern for this landing as the other landings he's made recently.  I love it!
It is so nice to have another project done! 
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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Make a STATEment with this Project

I've seen these string art maps on Pinterest, so decided to make one for a good friend for Christmas this year.
I started out on eBay buying a map of Oregon. 
I then copied it (so I could use the original more than once).  I had to copy it in two pieces, then tape it together.  I cut the copy right up to the edge of the state line.  My husband made a board and stained it dark.
I then nailed these #18 3/4" Escutcheon Pins right along the edge of the paper.  I hit each nail about 5 times so it stayed, but still stuck out enough to hold the string.
I used a popsicle stick to keep the distance of each nail equal.
Once I got done with the outline, I found a heart online and taped it to the middle of the board.  I nailed around it. I didn't use a stick in between these nails, as I needed to get them close together.  I just eyed it.
I started in the upper left corner.  I then wrapped string from the edge of the state to the heart.  I did one wrap along the state lines and about 4-5 on each heart nail. 
When I got back to the upper left corner, I tied the string in a couple of knots then applied some Krazy glue to the knots.  I cut the string as close as I could and called the job done! 

I love the way it turned out and my friend who received it loves it too!
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