Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Games for the Game Room

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Fleattitude, a Vintage Market about 50 miles from my house.  I wasn't sure how long it'd take me to get there, so I was pretty early, which made me happy.  (I love being one of the first in line for sales like this!)   The night before, my husband said he wanted to go, until he found out that we'd be leaving by the crack of dawn.  He tried to get me to wait till later to go--not a chance.  Instead, he slept in and I shopped till I dropped. 
I found a lot of fun stuff!
The first thing I found was this game board.  I had been considering one online for awhile, but wasn't sure.  I saw this and saw the great price, so I scooped it up!  The only thing wrong with it was a missing net in one corner.
Since I don't do needlework, I decided I would find a replacement.  I thought maybe a fishing net, but those were too thin and expensive. 
My husband found this set.  And it was on clearance.  By the time it was ours, we'd paid $2.33.  Definitely worth the chance!
I needed the new net to look a lot like this old one.  
 I cut it out of the racquet and sprayed it with Camouflage paint.  I let it dry about an hour, then stuffed it in the corners and hung it on the wall.



Yes, if you look closely, you can see which corner is the new one, but really, most people who come into our Game Room are there for a party, so I doubt that they'll ever notice!

Thanks for your visit!


  1. So glad you were able to get up early and go! You found some really neat treasures. We have a town wide yard sale next month that I'm really excited for. Great job fixing the net. So clever to use spray paint.

  2. Pam you have a great eye for treasures. Your game room is looking terrific:)

  3. Love your game room, how fun and what a great find. Hugs, Marty

  4. Amazingly creative! The game looks wonderful on your wall. I am sure your glad you got up and went!

  5. Great job! The funny thing is that I saw two of those at the Country Girls Antique show last weekend and I thought, "Pam needs one of those for her game room!" (They were great prices, too.)

  6. Great save on the net!!! What a fun room you and your guests are so lucky! Pam, I feel like I have not been here forever, I am off to catch up on your posts!


  7. Great job.i love your game room, how fun and what a great find.

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  8. Having a room dedicated for games with friends is excellent.


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