Sunday, October 26, 2014

This is FANtastic

We recently installed a new ventilation fan in our main floor bathroom.  The previous fan sounded like an airplane landing!  It was also on a switch, so either it was left on for much longer than it needed to be, or was turned off too soon.
We looked at Westside Wholesale and loved the selection!  We are lovers of the big box stores, but the selection here was light years better!  There are 150+ choices for bath fans alone on their website. 
We looked at several models, then decided on the Panasonic bathroom fan.  This baby is quiet!  It has an auto-on, auto-off sensor that we set for 10 minutes.  It will stay on if it senses humidity or motion.  If not, it'll only stay on for 10 minutes.
This is the old fan.  It was a little smaller than the new. 
And the new fan.
It took about 90 minutes from start to finish to install. 
There were a couple of pieces of metal that needed to be bent to get it in as a 'remodel' rather than a 'new' install, but overall, it wasn't too difficult.  (of course I was the one taking pictures, not climbing up in the attic--haha)
We have had it in for about 3 weeks now and are so happy with everything about it.  It's quiet, it moves air very well, and it clears out the humidity from a shower very quickly. 


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