Saturday, February 23, 2013

Who Doesn't Love a Bucket of Starfish!

I found this neat old bucket at a local shop a few weeks ago.  I was planning to plant flowers in it in the spring. 
Soon after I was in Marshalls and found a bag of starfish.  I was so happy.  I've purchased lots of starfish off of ebay and I've paid about the same amount for three on ebay than the 20 or so that came from Marshalls!
Since we are still under a very big blanket of snow, those flowers aren't going to be planted for awhile.  Instead, here's what I came up with.  I think I like it better, as it can stay inside and keep the rustiness preserved.  :)

This is the wooden box I found last week at a sale.  A bunch of blue canning jars fit nicely in it.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More Rusty and Dusty Treasures

Last Saturday I went to an indoor sale and found some great things that I blogged about HERE. 
I was thrilled when the guy said he'd be open again on Sunday.  (most places are not open on Sundays here)  I thought about a few things I'd seen on Saturday and was so happy to find them still available.  I must say, his prices were much better the second day!  :)
My favorite find was this old ice cream bucket.  I love the color, love that it has some writing on it and love the metal pieces on it.  It came with all of the heavy ice cream making stuff, but I plan to use it differently. 

A couple of years ago, my friend Heather and I were out shopping.  We found this fabulous birdhouse.  We hemmed and hawwed about it for quite awhile, but I was getting on a plane to go home and couldn't figure out how to get it home very easily and she wasn't sure if she was ready to make that investment.  Well, not long after, Heather's husband surprised her with the very same birdhouse to put in her GORGEOUS garden!  It looks amazing and I love that we were together when we found it the first time! 

So now my husband can work his magic on it and we will have a similar one in our yard.
I found this set of numbers in a cast iron holder.  I am excited to get them heated up and make some fun projects with them.

I find tons and tons of canning jars at garage sales here, but not blue ones with zinc lids.  Score!

I'll be sure to post when the birdhouse is done and if I find a fun project to burn some numbers into some wood!
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winter Garage Sale Scores

Generally there aren't a lot of garage sales here in the winter, and especially this year with so much snow, but yesterday I went to an indoor sale that was great!
The place was PACKED with stuff.  I had to walk through several times just to feel like I wasn't missing a ton of stuff.

I found this old can (I'm not sure if it was originally a milk can,  or maybe can for fireplace ashes?) I cleaned it up for a place right next to the fireplace.  It's very heavy and the lid fits really tight.

This old jar got a cleaning and a 'new' zinc lid.  I filled it with wine corks.  Apparently we're going to have to pick up the wine consumption to get this baby filled!  After a couple of other wine cork projects, our stash is lame.  :)

I love old coffee cans.  And they cleaned up nicely.

This wooden box was filled with gunk.  I cleaned it like crazy and even sanded out the inside.  I now feel like I can use it in the house.  I love old advertising boxes.

Here's all of the loot.  I am also excited about the two galvanized buckets that I will use outside this summer. 

I even went back today and got more stuff.  I'll share those finds later this week.  Oh how I love rusty, dusty treasure hunting! 
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Home Goods and Pier 1 Happy

I love shopping at Home Goods and Pier 1.  Last week I was in Home Goods and found this pretty wreath.  I love the springy look of it.

I also found this great big blue vase.  I love the color, love the size and the texture of the jute around the top.

I like that these items add a little interest to the corner behind the couch.

I love these carrots that I found at Pier 1. 

Here is a picture of our back patio from this morning.  I'm thinking that a backyard party is out of the question for a bit...
Thanks for your visit!  For those of you able to garden right now, I am officially jealous! 
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