Saturday, February 23, 2013

Who Doesn't Love a Bucket of Starfish!

I found this neat old bucket at a local shop a few weeks ago.  I was planning to plant flowers in it in the spring. 
Soon after I was in Marshalls and found a bag of starfish.  I was so happy.  I've purchased lots of starfish off of ebay and I've paid about the same amount for three on ebay than the 20 or so that came from Marshalls!
Since we are still under a very big blanket of snow, those flowers aren't going to be planted for awhile.  Instead, here's what I came up with.  I think I like it better, as it can stay inside and keep the rustiness preserved.  :)

This is the wooden box I found last week at a sale.  A bunch of blue canning jars fit nicely in it.

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  1. Oooh, love your vintage crate! And I'm a big fan of a bucket o starfish too! One year, I found colored ones at Marshalls!


  2. Love your enamelware bucket it is perfect for flower planting. And you are getting great use out of it till then. Your crate cleaned up so nicely and the jars are the perfect fit.

  3. Really cute Pam, you just have to remember that when you see something at Marshall's and TJMaxx buy it right away or it's gone when you go back!

  4. Pam I love the starfish in that bucket! Great idea!!

  5. The bucket is cool!
    I have a similar bucket. I need to bring it in a put something cool in it! I have a hole in my bucket.
    ...I won't sing it for you. :)
    I haven't seen any blue jars around here for sale...they are pretty especially in that crate!
    ~stay warm Pat

  6. Pam, I've been catching up with some of your latest posts. What a great way to use your bucket until you can plant some flowers! And I saw that old ice cream bucket that you plan to turn into a bird house. Can't wait to see it when it's finished.

  7. That's a great use for the bucket, and who doesn't like starfish! I love to repurpose old wooden containers and have featured many on Atticmag.

    I hope you'll come see My Daughter's Master Bath Redo! We're so proud of it - #83 at Met Monday.


  8. What great finds! I'm your newest follower ;)
    Jamie ~ Better With Age

  9. Pam, que lindo o balde, muita sorte em encontrá-lo. vai ficar lindo com flores na primavera. beijinhos e um lindo dia

  10. Thanks a lot for sharing this - I absolutely LOVE the country feel with the hardwood floors, jars and bucket. I love home improvement projects because they give my home a change of scenery. I especially love DIY projects and even simple things like what you provided or giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. A few weeks ago, my husband and I went the extra mile and got a wooden spiral staircase for outback. I absolutely love how it looks and can't wait for summer to utilize it as much as possible!

  11. Hi Pam,this a very simple but a cool idea..

  12. Star fish is my favorite too.I love to have it in my drawing room.My children love to play with it any time.

  13. Pam, you've got to love Marshalls! Cute idea, it looks like you are at the beach, not covered with a blanket of snow!!


  14. Marshalls has some excellent home items for a great price. The bucket and starfish are so seafaring. They would also be a cool addition to an outdoor deck.

  15. Awesome DIY stuff! Love the bucket of starfish, that is really cool, I would like to see that in a bathroom. Maybe time to find time for some home DIY home improvement? I feel a project coming on....


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