Sunday, June 30, 2013

Aging an Old Milk Can

A few weeks ago when we were in Oregon, we went to one of my favorite stores in Eugene.  Barb, from Treasures From the Heart was having a "Junque in the Trunk Sale" with lots of vendors.  What perfect timing!  Ok, we weren't planning to go to Eugene until the next day, but I didn't want to miss her sale, so we changed our plans.  :)

I always find great things at her store.  I need to walk around several times so I don't miss anything!
One of the fun things I found at the sale was this milk can.  The couple who was selling it had worked hard to clean it up and paint this very cute cow on it.  I loved it, but it was a little too bright for me.
Enter some handy-dandy Minwax Provincial stain and the brightness was toned down.

I put a couple of coats on with a foam brush, then lightly wiped it off with an old sheet.  I let it dry (not hard in our 100+ degree heat the past several days!)  I then put a coat of clear flat spray on it.  And now I love it in the house.
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bringing Home Some Family Heirlooms


Last week we headed to Oregon for my son's college graduation.  

We also spent some time in Southern Oregon helping my Dad go through some of his things.  He was kind enough to let us take these pieces that mean so much to me.  The dry sink has been in my parents' house as long as I can remember.  I'm guessing that this picture is from the early 60's. 

I think it still looks amazing after 50+ years!

We were able to make the drive home in 11 hours and everything made it safely.

Besides the dry sink, we were also thrilled that he gave us this church pew.  I'm thinking that Bailey (the cat) will discover it soon and have it as his 'watching the neighborhood' seat. 

What are your favorite family heirlooms?
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Bloom and a Winner!

My absolute favorite time of year here is May and June.  After enduring months of cold, it is so welcoming to see all of the perennials come up and show their beauty.

These Lupine are stunning!  I love the plant in front with magenta, pink and purple flowers.  (and of course I love the "all pink" one in the back too!)  :)

The reflections in the pond look so neat!  The lilies and irises are blooming inside the pond.  The creeping thyme is really filling in around the rocks.

We love to sit here and relax.

The Delphiniums are so pretty in bloom.


Oh my gosh, the peonies are in bloom! 


The milk crate I planted last week is starting to fill in.  I used Wave Petunias and a Wallflower.
This clematis is starting to take off. 

 I'm eager to see this clematis start blooming all around the birdhouse.

Wave Petunias, Dahlias, Cosmos and Snapdragons in a pot on the driveway. 
What are your favorite flowers?
The Winner of the Graco Paint Sprayer is Jessica!  Congratulations to Jessica and thank you to everyone who entered!
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