Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Our New Kitchen Sink--Yes, a New Post Finally!

I knew it'd been awhile since I'd last posted, but holy smokes, a year???  If you're reading this, thanks for sticking with me!

We had a stainless steel sink in our kitchen and never loved it.  I had been researching farmhouse sinks, but didn't want to lose my little pull outs in below my sink and didn't want to have to have someone come and cut the granite. ($$$)  And really, I didn't want to spend $800 or so for the sink....  I think I got the next best thing-a great big, beautiful cast iron sink that looks great with our existing cabinet!  And this sink was around $220 at Home Depot!  It's a Kohler Cape Dory.  If you're going to put it in an existing kitchen, I'd recommend calling Kohler and asking for a template.  They were extremely helpful and we had the template in a few days.

We started by attempting to remove the old sink.  It was a much bigger job than we expected.  It was sandwiched between plywood underneath and the granite on top. 

And it was LOUD and MESSY!! 

In the end, we were able to use a sawsall to cut it and push it out. 

We were fortunate that the granite didn't need polished edges  because  the lip of the sink would cover all of the cuts.

Once the old sink was out and the new cuts were made using the template, we set it on one foot pieces of 2x4 on each edge, then my husband got under the sink and carefully lifted while I pulled out the wood pieces.

Henry is always a good helper!

We then installed the faucet which I LOVE!  We buy Moen faucets because they are beautiful, but also because they have a lifetime guarantee. 
This  sink comes with four holes.  We used one for the faucet, one for the sprayer, one for filtered water and still had one.  Score!!  We were able to put a button in for the garbage disposal that fit the hole on the left perfectly and now I can easily turn the disposal on without fumbling under the counter for the correct switch.

I purchased the grate for the bottom of the sink so that I could protect it from heavy pans, etc.  I found it on Amazon. 

Now the kitchen is complete and I am very happy! 

Thanks for your visit!


This post isn't sponsored by any of the companies listed above.  I just love the products and those companies! 


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  1. Great job (big job) and the new sink and faucets are a great look for your kitchen.


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