Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A "Weigh" Cool Refurbishment

We had this old scale that was so neat, but in pretty ragged shape.  With many antiques, it takes away the value if they are touched, but we decided that it was worth it to us to redo it and enjoy it. 

It's a REALLY heavy piece! 

We took it out to the garage where my husband started disassembling it.   (At this point, my work was done!)  :)

He took every single piece apart.  There were lots and lots of pieces! (Lots more that didn't make this picture too.)

To remove the paint, he sanded, then used Citrastrip and the paint came off pretty easily.
He then filled in any dings with filler since he was going to paint it glossy and the dings would show.

He sanded the filler down and painted it with Automotive paint.

After getting it all painted, he wasn't happy with the finish on one of the pieces, so removed the paint and repainted it.  (He is much more patient than I am!)

He buffed out all of the brass pieces, which turned out so nice and bright.

He brought all of the parts into the basement to dry.  He then reassembled it.

And here it is finished!  I think it's absolutely beautiful and am SO proud of how incredibly talented he is!!

 I will add more pictures when we get the tray and weights added.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Writing's on the Wall

I made a very simple piece of wall art the other day.  I started with a typewriter graphic from The Graphics Fairy.  I collect old typewriters, and was so happy to find a graphic that looked almost exactly like this one.

I flipped the image in Picasa by clicking Ctrl/Shift/H.  This gives you the mirror image for iron-on transfers.

I copied the image onto Transfer paper in my inkjet printer. I cut it out very close to the edges of the printing.

I ironed it on.  By ironing onto the burlap, the image did not come out as dark as I would've hoped.  I know I could've used a different fabric to get a darker picture, but I think the burlap is neat.

I added some batting then the burlap.

I pulled the burlap tight and hot glued it to the back.

I then set it in the frame and it was done. It was such an easy and inexpensive project.  
I had all of the supplies onhand, so that made it especially inexpensive.  :)

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Love Old Windows

I loved the window project that Lisa at Serendipity Chic Design did.  Her husband found some great old windows at the dump!  Soon after her post, I saw an ad for windows that had been taken out of a house from 1865.  I talked my husband in to driving 100 miles roundtrip to go pick some up.  Yes, in a snowstorm!!  No, we aren't the smartest people to do that--in a snowstorm when gas prices are going through the roof!  :)  But, we got a couple of very neat old windows.  I was also able to pick up a couple for a friend. 

I love the wavy old glass!

I hung one on the wall and attached a wreath to it.

I liked it, but felt like it was missing something.  So off to my favorite store, Home Depot.

I started with a new fence board that cost $1.87.

I bought Apple Cider Vinegar and some Steel Wool (I had no idea what 'grade' steel wool to get, so I got #0 and it worked great).  The vinegar was $1.12 and the steel wool was $3.98, although I only used two out of the 20 or so pieces in there, so I'd say it cost 40 cents.

I read that you're supposed to soak the steel wool in the vinegar overnight, but I am a very impatient person, so I put it right on...

And I didn't even get any splinters.  I did wear some little gloves because the apple cider vinegar smell was not appealing to me and I didn't want that smell on my hands.
I let it dry for a couple of hours, then it looked Instantly Old!! (If there are black dots all over it, just put another coat on)

We took the window off the wall and drilled holes in the board and window and attached the two pieces.

And now it's hung with a shelf.  I've been experimenting on what to put on the shelf and so far these items are working for me. 

I'm so happy with the finished product! 

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A BIG Thank you to Denise at Pink Postcard for featuring my project on her blog!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Let There Be Light

We've lived with a very dark hall for almost two years now.  The lights have to be turned on anytime we go down the hall.  (cue big electricity bills here...)

I don't have any great 'before' pictures since the area was always completely dark.  I did remember to take one just as my husband was starting the project. 

Yesterday, he solved the problem by installing a skylight. 

 I am just getting a regular heartbeat back after watching him at the top of the roof for over an hour.... 

It doesn't look too bad in this picture, but our roof is very steep!  And he kept needing to walk back and forth to get stuff (more heartbeat issues...)

He spent a lot of time in the attic, where he tells me that it's almost as crazy as being on the roof.  Luckily, I will never know, as the attic is not somewhere that I have any desire to check out.  :) 

He propped the big ladder up on some built ins we have here and was able to reach the hole to put the final piece in.

And here is the hall without lights on (except the little 'mood' lighting on the table).  It used to be almost pitch dark.  Now I can see!!  It is so much nicer! 

Our gain, the electric company's loss.  :)  I am so thankful for having a husband who can do these types of projects.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Goodbye Ugly Tide Container, Hello Pretty Bottle

My Tide and Clorox bottles are big (and ugly)!  They sit on a shelf above the washer and dryer, and lifting those huge bottles for every load of wash gets old.

I was in Ikea not long ago and found these cute bottles.  (sorry, I don't have a true 'before' picture--I was using them in all of their plain-ness for awhile)  I think I paid $4 each for them.

On one of my many visits to The Graphics Fairy, I came across these beauties:

Now, I realize they really say something different than Tide and Clorox in French, but I'm going with them!

I used Mod Podge and applied the labels.  I let them dry a bit, then put another coat on and they were done.

I must say, I think they look great and they are so much lighter to lift!  What a simple project this was!

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