Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bringing Home Some Family Heirlooms


Last week we headed to Oregon for my son's college graduation.  

We also spent some time in Southern Oregon helping my Dad go through some of his things.  He was kind enough to let us take these pieces that mean so much to me.  The dry sink has been in my parents' house as long as I can remember.  I'm guessing that this picture is from the early 60's. 

I think it still looks amazing after 50+ years!

We were able to make the drive home in 11 hours and everything made it safely.

Besides the dry sink, we were also thrilled that he gave us this church pew.  I'm thinking that Bailey (the cat) will discover it soon and have it as his 'watching the neighborhood' seat. 

What are your favorite family heirlooms?
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  1. I have an antique pump organ that my dad restored 45-50 years ago. I also have a picture my parents were given as a housewarming gift that is older than that. I treasure them both.
    When my parents moved into a retirement community, I inherited those things, plus my mom's plants.
    Lots of good memories come with our special things, don't they?

  2. Oh, how fun - a dry sink and a pew. I love your vignette with the dry sink,

    When we downsized to a cottage, all the family heirlooms went to my sister. The heirlooms I treasure the most are small things such as my grandmother's school slate she carried each day to a one room school house in Kansas, my grandfather's bottle capper for bottling his homemade beer, and my father's tobacco cannister.

    I just visited my sister and picked up some pieces from my parents' garage. There is still so much to go through, but no time right now.

    Enjoy your heirlooms - and the raise you get in income when a child graduates from college. We couldn't believe how much more money we had when the last one graduated.

  3. Congrats to your son and such great pieces, love, love ,love the dry sink. Hugs, Marty

  4. So happy you have those things. Love the dry sink! I can not say what my favorite thing is? I am blessed to have so many family heirlooms. Maybe my Grandparents oak dining room table that came out of 1515. It is so precious I can not bring myself to take it back there because I love it at my house.
    Congrats on your sons graduation!

  5. What great treasures. I love how you have the dry sink decorated. Also love the old hand pump still attached.

  6. Congrats too the Graduate and His Parents...for getting through it all!
    The dry sink is wonderful and the pew looks great too.
    So glad you didn't bring the TV back with you or set your's on the dry sink. :P

  7. I love your new pieces. Congratulations to your son! I can remember him going off to college when I first starting reading your blog, or was that your daughter?! I can imagine how proud you must be.

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by!! Love your new treasures and I adore the red scale in your header pic!! I have a red kitchen!


  9. I love your dry sink! You are right, it is still SO beautiful!

    Therena @

  10. One of my favorite family heirlooms is my mother's spoon collection and wall rack. It brings back so many memories of our family trips that were always so much fun.

  11. What great treasures Pam! I am so happy you were able to bring these beauties home to enjoy for years to come! I love family pieces, so special they are always favorites.
    Thanks so very much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!!!

  12. I have my families heirlooms. I have my Dad's toys and one of them is a wood doll his Dad carved for him. I have an antique car, one wheel is missing and my dad put a rubber wheel in it's place. You turn the key and raise the hood and you watch the engine run. I have books that are 1800's. I have one toy that is not politically correct. But our family was not predijustic (sp) It is a African American man with a chicken under his arm and a metal dog that comes off attaches to his back side. The man is metal also. My Dad's one friend in the Army was an African American he had fond memories of him. My Dad"s glass eyed ,cardboard bunnies and chicks you put candy in. I have a 1945 brown haired small black glass eyed Ragged Ann doll . Sorry it is long my list goes on. Most of my Dad's items I keep stored , my grandchildren are young and I would not like them broke. I have sat them down and shown them the toys through the years.But Family Photos are my most precious! My parents and grandparents are no longer with me.

  13. Weird I already wrote a comment and was lost before I click publish,so I'll make one again...

    Wow for your dry sink and the pew! Well, I got my late grandma's antique cabinet. I don't know how old it is but my late grandma died at the age of 93 last 2006 plus the cabinet was already there when she grew up hhhhmmmm so I don't know really lol.I just varnished it when I wanted. I'm glad that I got one of many family heirlooms that we have. Thanks Granny!


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