Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winter Garage Sale Scores

Generally there aren't a lot of garage sales here in the winter, and especially this year with so much snow, but yesterday I went to an indoor sale that was great!
The place was PACKED with stuff.  I had to walk through several times just to feel like I wasn't missing a ton of stuff.

I found this old can (I'm not sure if it was originally a milk can,  or maybe can for fireplace ashes?) I cleaned it up for a place right next to the fireplace.  It's very heavy and the lid fits really tight.

This old jar got a cleaning and a 'new' zinc lid.  I filled it with wine corks.  Apparently we're going to have to pick up the wine consumption to get this baby filled!  After a couple of other wine cork projects, our stash is lame.  :)

I love old coffee cans.  And they cleaned up nicely.

This wooden box was filled with gunk.  I cleaned it like crazy and even sanded out the inside.  I now feel like I can use it in the house.  I love old advertising boxes.

Here's all of the loot.  I am also excited about the two galvanized buckets that I will use outside this summer. 

I even went back today and got more stuff.  I'll share those finds later this week.  Oh how I love rusty, dusty treasure hunting! 
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  1. Hi Pam! What great finds! Can't wait to see what you do with it all! :)

  2. Amazing finds! Loving the glass jar, how unusual? Have fun using all these great finds!

  3. How great to be able to go to a yard sale even if it was inside. It had to be a good one from the items you found! Love the wood box they go for a lot of money at some antique stores! I'm pretty sure that that is a milk can, I have two, one shaped like yours and a smaller one!
    Can't wait to see what you found on your second trip there:)

  4. I love your finds! I've been fortunate to find a couple of Estate Sales which usually cost me a bit more but some things I got on the second day for half price. Check them out at my blog. Have a great week! sandy :)

  5. I wish I had been with you. You found some crazy good rusty treasures!!!

  6. Pam I am squealing with delight at all your treasures. I bet it was so fun looking through all that stuff. Great finds I can't even pick a favorite I love them all. Your coffee cans are exactly what I am looking for to plant some herbs in. Great finds:)

  7. You continue to find the coolest things. I adore those coffee cans. I think they will look great with your Sir Walter tobacco can :)

  8. Hello Pam,
    Girl you have hit a jackpot!!! Love that wood box:)


  9. Oh, that was the best haul ever!!! Now, you get drinking LOL!


  10. Now THAT'S my kind of shopping!! Love what you found. Our decor is seaside nautical. I love digging through dusty boxes and stashed of forgotten stuff. The town I live in has an annual yard sale, I can't's HUGE!!!

  11. Great finds! Love the crate and the jar that you are filling up with corks (enjoy your work on that end).

  12. Great junk. I would have picked up all of it!

  13. Great finds Pam....

    hugs and blessings

  14. Wow, lots of great finds! Love that jar with the new lid.

  15. wow from me too! Great scores! Winter garage sales? They are rare indeed. Fun for you.

  16. I love a good deal. I haven't really done much garage saling to be honest..


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