Saturday, July 27, 2013

Apothecary Collection

I was so happy to see this teeny-tiny apothecary jar on eBay a few weeks ago. I was even happier when I was the lucky winner!


 I have several and really wanted this size.  I'd seen a similar one at the Portland Expo a few years ago.  They wanted $1500 for it.  Hmmmm.... just a little out of my price range!  :)
My parents collected apothecary jars and had an amazing collection.  That was until the 1971 Northridge earthquake when we were living in Northridge... I believe they lost hundreds of jars.  Luckily all of our family was safe, but it was horrible to see a room full of glass that morning!
A few years ago, I started collecting jars from eBay and at antique shows.  When my Mom passed away, I received her HUGE Dakota jar, which I cherish!
Look at the difference in size between these two! 
 I'm just amazed that these beauties have survived almost 100 years! 
I believe this little one that I just purchased was originally a "Salesman Sample" jar.  I guess it was easier to carry around this little one and take orders for the bigger ones.
I've seen collections of these at Disneyland and at Lagoon Amusement park here in Utah.  I love how fun and colorful the candy inside can be.
What is your favorite thing to collect?
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  1. I love your apothecary jars. Unless you had shown the comparison, I wouldn't have realized that some were so small.

    I have 4 mason jars hanging from a shelf in my kitchen- I bought the shelf that way. I went to a bulk grocery store to find Jelly Bellys in red, yellow, blue and green which are my color palette. I had to buy lemon balls and red hots for the red and yellow - otherwise I would eat them and no longer have the decoration.

    Great display!

  2. These are wonderful Pam, I Love them!
    What a difference in size.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Oh! I think you've shown this collection before... I think they are so pretty ...but you have them filled with colorful candies and stuff! Congrats on finding the baby is cute. And very small!!!

  4. well how awesome it that!!! I had no idea that these were collectible. That little itty bitty baby one is so cute.

  5. Hi Pam! I'm pretty much into McCoy pottery, love the different colors and textures of it. I never thought of the jars until I read your post, the one you just bought on Ebay is adorable!

  6. Well lucky you! Now your set is complete. They look so bright and cherry with all the candy in them.

  7. How adorable! What a wonderful collection you have. And so sad about the loss of your parents' collection...sigh. I collect so many things I cannot name them, much to my husband's worries. He's afraid we'll run out of space for him! Thanks for sharing, hugs from Vicki in KY.

  8. I wouldn't have realized the difference in the size jars either if you hadn't have compared the little one to the big one! Congratulations on winning the eBay auction! I do enjoy your blog so...

  9. What a great collection. Glad you found the piece you had been looking for. The best part is that it reminds you of your parents.

  10. What a neat collection and the little one is sooo cute!

  11. Fantastic collection, Pam! I love the small ones! I like how you can see all the contents of the jars.

  12. What a wonderful collection! That truly is a special piece you found! I have a small collection of apothecary jars, all modern. Nothing as beautiful as yours. I love all your different sizes and the sizes of the candy inside, how great! I also collect cookie jars and trains.

  13. What a gorgeous collection, and so nice that you are carrying on the tradition with a piece from your Mom.

  14. LOVE those jars (well, all of your jars)! They are so pretty! Just like a candy shop!

    Glad you were the winner! Enjoy!

  15. You have a wonderful collection! Love these jars! :)

  16. You must have a great passion with jars. Such a nice jar collection. The candy jar is sooo nice!

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  17. Great collection Pam, so glad you found the tiny one! Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  18. Pam, what a great collection, I love your Moms jar!



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