Sunday, October 30, 2011

On a "Scale" of 1 to 10, Hubby's Skills are a 10

I purchased this scale on ebay a few months ago, mainly to get the tray.  It ended up that I wasn't able to use the tray for my original intent, so my husband did a refurb on the whole thing.

Here's what it looked like in all its glory who would paint it yellow and orange? to start with:

I believe whoever painted the scale might have also been in charge of painting this fire hydrant by our house!  U.G.L.Y.!!!

He took everything apart and removed all of the paint using Citrastrip, then a wire brush attachment on the grinder.

He shined up the brass.

He then spent a ton of time recreating the labels that should have been on there.  I am in awe of his patience!

He primed all of the parts.

He painted everything except the tray holder Cherry Red.  (He didn't want to draw attention to the tray holder, so he painted it black)

Can you believe the details on this??

 I think he did an outstanding job!

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  1. Gosh Pam! Your husband is amazing. What attention to detail. Not many people could have done what he did.

  2. How did he get the paint off? He is 100 times more patient than I am! You need to post pictures of your old kitchen so that everyone can see the FULL extent of what he can do! If you think everyone is in awe now...
    Hysterical fire hydrant, by the way!
    Great job, Pat!!
    (and you, of course, for finding it!)

  3. Your husband's talent and creativity always amazed me, but this just took things over the edge! Whoa, the patience he has to recreate those labels! Beautiful job!

  4. A 10 for sure Pam!! That scale looks amazing and I LOVE it red! Martina

  5. Wow Pam I give him an 11, he really got into it and did a great job, so who buys a scale to match their fire hydrant ??LOL


  6. You're right. He did do an outstanding job. It looks fantastic.

  7. LOL it was painted by that guy who painted the hydrant...for sure!

    Love the meticulous job your hubby did...awesome!

  8. Wow, he really did a nice job! *awesome*

  9. how on earth did he recreate the lettering? Very talented, it looks wonderful!

  10. That is wonderful! I am also in awe of your husbands patience and the perfection of the job he did!

  11. What an amazing job your husband did! His attention to details is most definitely a "10".

  12. Gorgeous! He did a great job! i use citristrip a lot, I did not know you could use it on metal.....A great tip, thanks!

  13. Yes...he did do an awesome job...a real keeper:)


  14. Love that red! You hubby did a great job!

  15. The detail work shown here is wonderful. Well done to your DH.

  16. Pam that was a great find and boy did your husband do an awesome job! I saw your post over at Tip Junkie and I'm a new follower now. I hope you'll stop by and visit me at Cotton Pickin Cute.

    Hugs...Tracy :)


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