Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some Smokin' Deals at Garage Sales

I'm sure sad that our garage sale season is about over!  This past weekend I found a few fun things at great prices.

I was thrilled to find this unopened tobacco can for $1.  The people I bought it from thought that it was at least 50 years old.  They were really sweet and told me that they hoped I wouldn't smoke it.  :)  I promise--I won't! 

I found the Jack Daniels tin for 50 cents.  I have no idea if it's old or not, but it's pretty neat.  I have them both above my cabinets along with an old egg scale and Ball jar that I purchased on ebay awhile ago.

I found the Premium cracker can for $1.  It's probably not terribly old, but I do love my saltines, so had to have it.  I found the apothecary jar the other day at a local antique store.  I have several just like it, but I had to buy it!  :)  I found this Ball jar at Monticello in Portland last month and I've had the little scale for several years.

It's funny that I haven't been going out looking for cans, but they seem to be finding me!  I love the color and uniqueness of each of them.  Now if the weather can just stay nice for another couple of weeks, I can go searching for more  treasures!

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  1. I did a quick search on ebay and those vintage tobacco tins are listed for $10-$25. The ones I saw on ebay weren't in as good condition as yours is. You did good!

  2. I love all your finds! I got a Saltines tin very similar to yours last week too!

    I'm envying that scale - love it!

    Don't forget to link up to Knick of Time Tuesday today!!

    Angie @Knick of Time Interiors

  3. You are lucky that you can find stuff you collect readily at garage sales. I have to travel far to go to one because most neighborhoods in our county are not allowed to have sales.

  4. I think you got some great finds. That saltine cracker tin is probably from the 70s, but I think it is so cool. Love the egg weight.

  5. Great tins:) I have never heard of an egg scale before, why would you need to weigh an egg?

  6. The same thing happens to me I find all of the same things at the same time! I love the tobacco can


  7. Oh girly, get your wild side on and smoke that stuff!! I can not believe it is unopened...What a great find!

  8. Neat post! I had those cans years ago.Wish I had one now for my saltines,Thanks for sharing,Joann

  9. I am shocked you found some unopened! How cool! By the way... I love your blog and I have awarded you the "Versatile Blog Award" on my page!
    Check out more info here...


  10. I'm feeling old because the Saltine tin I got when I first was married and we still keep our crackers in it!!
    love the egg scale and the tins.

  11. So the things you've got from the garage sale are just for display? They look vintage though and are great for display.

  12. Cool advertising tins! I have a few of them scattered around my place too, just love the vintage feel. Don't you wish things were packaged this nicely today?

  13. Funny that there's still tobacco in that tin! Cute finds.

  14. The tobacco tin is awesome! And like someone else said, I've never seen an egg scale? You must tell us what it says on it.

    Thanks so much for linking to the first Beautiful Junk Saturday party. It's not a party without you!

  15. I love all your finds! That the tobacco tin has never been opened is pretty amazing!

  16. I just love vintage tins! You have some great ones there, great finds!!! I have a few in my cupboard, I'll have to share them sometime, one is actually an old "snuff" tin of my Granny's...can't beleive she liked that stuff! She was so sweet and used snuff, my how times have changed. :)
    Blessings to you Sweetie!!!


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