Sunday, March 6, 2016

Adding the Finishing Touch to the Laundry Room--A Sliding Barn Door

The laundry room project is now officially done with the addition of the barn door! 
The old laundry room had a door that swung in (and took up a lot of room!)  Our friend wanted a custom door on a barn door slider. 
My husband got to work.  She lives in a 100+ year old house and wants the old style doors throughout. 


He made this door and left the opening for glass.  She chose seeded glass which adds some privacy.

We installed the barn door hardware purchased from Amazon. 
 This was my first attempt of a vinyl cutout with my new Cricut machine.  I think it turned out pretty snazzy!

The new door keeps the sounds from the washer and dryer down and looks fab! 

Here's her redone laundry room.  It really turned out great!
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  1. This is over the top awesome!! Does the door fit snug and tight? With my reno I'm going to put a pocket door in, my daughter would like to see me put in a barn door. Thanks so much for sharing. fondly ~ lynne ~

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  3. LOVE the door looks perfect for her room.


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  5. That door came up great, I have similar problem with storage room doors. I was thinking to change them but that would ruin room concept. This gave me idea to use old doors and just fill handle wholes with wood Wood Fill, sand it, repaint it and after only hinges are to place on doors. Thanks for idea.


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