Sunday, January 11, 2015

Where's the Fire?

For Christmas I found an old fire extinguisher for my husband.  He was very excited!  He's been wanting to redo one for awhile and this was a neat old one. 

So here is the 'before' when I bought it from eBay. 

And after a lot of cleaning and polishing, here is the after!  Beautiful!  He was hoping to put it upstairs in his ManCave, but I talked him into leaving it in the living room.

So, he needed one for his ManCave...

This week, I found this one on our local Craigslist.  At first I wasn't sure, as it had the blue top, but he thought it'd be a good candidate for a redo.

And he was right!  Another beauty!  This one doesn't have the detailed raised letters like the other one, but it is still very neat.  And the formerly blue top is now a beautiful, cleaned and polished bronze.


We love the look of them! 
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  1. What neat finds - and boy, they sure cleaned up nicely! Great additions to your home. Jane

  2. Pam, those turned out just beautiful. Just love the copper and how well it cleaned up. Great conversation piece to sit by the fireplace.

  3. So interesting what you can do with an old piece of junk (you know I mean that from some one else's perspective) NOT OURS... ! NEVER! ...
    They do look lovely...and by the fireplace, eye catching!
    have a great week!

  4. They are beautiful! You always amaze me Pam!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY.

  5. Wow! I can not believe the before and after photos, you did an incredible job. I have an old brass anchor lantern from an 1800's sailing ship. After seeing what you have done here, I think that I just might have to start using a little more elbow grease on my lantern :) I just found your blog and I see that many of my blogging sisters are also following you. I don't know why it took me so long to find you. My husband and I purchased an old 1905 bungalow last spring, it is a major fixer-upper. We have been having a ball fixing it and it has become home sweet home. I am going to love following you and seeing all of your repairs and suggestions. We still have a lot to do on ours, but we have got the major stuff done. I do hope that you will come visit my little blog. At the moment I am celebrating my three year blogging birthday with a Give-A-Way. It's not much but it is handmade :)
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

  6. Oh my goodness Pam! You sure know how to put a shine on old copper! Those fire extinguishers sure look amazing! I have been reading some of your posts in order to catch up. I saw that you guys went to the DR. I went there back in the 70s. Maybe someday we'll have to meet you guys there! I showed my husband your post about the backyard pond that y'all created back in 2011. We're thinking about doing something similar but smaller.

  7. I'm so amazed. Look so beautiful and shiny. You placed it well. It is perfect. Thanks for sharing.
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  8. WOW! We purchased one of these for my son's room, as he is big on all things fireman related (he's 10). I had no idea they could be cleaned up and restored like this! Could you share what products and method you used? I would love to polish my son's now that I know it can be done. :)


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