Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Stairs for the New Year

My husband can make just about anything and has become quite the craftsman at making wooden stairs.  He's made them for our last two houses, this house and a friend's house.  Earlier this year, he made them for the staircase going up to the ManCave.  Over Christmas, he made these for the stairs going down to the basement. 
Previously we had carpet on the stairs, but with the kids living at home as well as their friends going up and down on beige carpet, it really took a beating.  When we had the carpet cleaner here this summer, he told us either the stairs would be beautiful or they'd be ruined by what he was doing to them.  Well, they were ruined, which was fine because I've got the husband who can fix that.  :)
I've learned that any project done with power tools in the house will make a mess.  Putting this plastic up helped keep the mess contained.
This set of stairs had some unique angles that required lots of his skill!  Also, he was able to match the stairs perfectly to the walnut in the rest of the house!

We've finally smartened up and kicked the kids out of the extra garage so now he has a spot to leave his woodworking during the work weeks. 

He used the same pattern for this landing as the other landings he's made recently.  I love it!
It is so nice to have another project done! 
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  1. Your husband is an artist in wood. Beautiful work, beautiful stairs.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a talent he has. This is simply incredible.
    Happy New Year! fondly ~lynne~

  3. I'm so impressed with your husband's DIY ability! I love your new stairs and especially like the pattern on the landing. It is inspiring me as I have to make a decision about hardwood floor pattern in my near future!

  4. Those stairs turned out beautifully! Such a dramatic difference.

  5. Wow...just beautiful and the landing is amazing.

  6. Oh my word, this is beautiful. Such detail and so, so pretty. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  7. What a nice work. It's so beautifully done.
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  9. They look beautiful! You make it looks so easy!

  10. Beautiful! Love the pattern on the Landing!


  11. I just saw this over at A Stroll thru Life and had to come by - this is just gorgeous !
    What a fabulous idea - thanks so much for sharing !
    I'm pinning now

  12. Pam the stairs are gorgeous! We are trying to figure out the cutes for some funny angles on our stairs. Think your hubby would mind coming over and advising!?;)

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