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Top Tips for Steam Cleaning Your Carpets-- Guest Post

Today I am welcoming Jessie Allen with a Guest Post on Carpet Cleaning.  Thank you Jessie!
Top Tips for Steam Cleaning Your Carpet
Homeowners and commercial property owners frequently rely upon commercial carpet cleaning
companies to maintain the appearance and extend the life of carpeting in their properties through
periodic steam cleaning. Carpet cleaning machines can be rented or purchased for carpet owners
who prefer to do the job themselves.
There are several methods for cleaning carpets, and people can be confused into believing that
their carpets are being steam cleaned when, in fact, a different process is being used. If you want
your carpet to be steam cleaned, then you should know the different cleaning methods that are
currently in use.
Hot Water Extraction Method
Unfortunately, most commercial carpet cleaning services and do­it­yourself machines do not use
steam to do the cleaning. Wet extraction is a commonly used cleaning method in which water is
mixed with cleaning chemicals and heated within the machine. Once it is hot enough, the water is
sprayed under pressure deep into the carpet fibers. The cleaning phase occurs when the same
machine extracts the dirty water containing the loosened dirt particles from the carpet.
Suctioning power is the key component in a wet extraction cleaning process. Truck­mounted
carpet cleaning systems offer superior suctioning power over portable units. Unless you want a wet
carpet that could take days to dry and could encourage mold growth, a truck­mounted system that
can suction up to 95 percent of the water from deep within the carpet is the best option.
Vapor Steam Cleaners
Vapor steam cleaners are often referred to as "green cleaners" because they do not require the use
of chemical cleaning agents in order to do their job. These types of machines rely upon steam
vapor to remove dirt while also killing germs and eliminating dust mites that are frequently found
in carpets and upholstery.
Unlike the hot water extraction method that soaks the carpet fibers in order to clean them, a vapor
steam cleaner heats water in an internal boiler until steam is formed. The hot steam vapor loosens
dirt while it also sanitizes the carpet surface and kills mold and mold spores during the process.
Water, Water Everywhere
Even the best water extraction system cannot remove 100 percent of the water and cleaning agents
used in the cleaning process from the carpet. The drying time will depend upon how much
moisture remains after extraction. Vapor steam cleaning systems work without cleaning agents
and expose the carpet surface to less moisture than other methods.
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