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Timber Cladding for Walls--Guest Post

Today, I'm sharing an informative article contributed by Cherry Soriano.  Thank you Cherry!   

Timber Cladding Is Ideal For Walls

Timber cladding offers a natural beauty. Australia’s solid timber cladding is becoming increasingly popular for use on wall exteriors not only because of its aesthetic properties but the material offers a practicality and can be added to the exterior of a building for a functional, decorative finish.


Using Timber Cladding Has Its Advantages

Timber cladding is usually available in long narrow boards, which are placed to overlap one another. Cladding can also come in panel or shingle forms and can be installed vertically or horizontally or even diagonally, depending on the finish you desire. Horizontal installation, though, seems to be the most popular.

 Australia’s solid timber cladding really offers designers a unique combination of environmental, aesthetic and practical advantages, including:
  • Timber cladding is light weight so it offers both protective and decorative appeal.
  • Since a dry installation is all that’s required, the external envelope can be installed quickly.
  • By eliminating heavy masonry outer walls, both cost and size of foundations can be reduced.
  • Solid timber cladding can be pre-fabricated at the factory with breather membrane and insulation.
  • The performance of cladding can be enhanced easily with wood modification, preservative treatments, surface coating, and flame retardants.
  • The grains and colours available are highly attractive.
  • The sound insulation and thermal properties are top notch
  • Solid timber cladding is suitable for renovation and new build projects
  • Cladding is really easy to repair.
  • Timber is a warm, comforting natural material.
  • Easy to redecorate or rejuvenate.
  • Timber is a renewable resource.
  • Low carbon footprint since the material requires less energy to produce than other construction materials.
  • Source certification schemes ensure timber’s sustainability.
  • The material can be reused or recycled at the end of its life.
  • Growing trees removes CO2 from the atmosphere, so using wood stimulates the expansion of forests. This helps with absorbing global warming gas.

Timber Cladding Is Perfect For Contemporary Homes
Timber cladding is perfect for both traditional and contemporary styled houses. Australia’s solid timber cladding comes in a range of different finishes so you can choose the perfect one for your home. You could also leave the natural look on the material, which will fade to a silvery grey shade in time. Alternatively you apply stains, paints or oils on the timber to get the finish you really want on your walls.

As for design, timber cladding is extremely flexible. For example, you may want to have the entire exterior of your house clad with solid timber cladding or you may prefer to combine the cladding with other materials for a timber clad feature wall effect.

Timber Cladded Walls Can Also Increase The Value Of Your Property

 One of the greatest advantages is that timber cladding is environmentally friendly. The timber is typically taken from sustainable sources, and a lot less fossil fuels are required to manufacture the timber compared to any other type of cladding.

 Here’s another environmental advantage: Australia’s solid timber cladding is easy to recycle once it’s reached the end of its practical life. What’s more, the timber is a great natural insulator. This means you don’t need massively thick foundation walls. By having various types of insulation as well as timber cladding, your home will be far more energy efficient and that in turn can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bills.

 Timber is also fantastic for absorbing sounds on houses, which is really handy if you have noisy neighbors!

 Although Australia’s solid timber cladding is really light, it is an extremely strong material that can be treated prior to being installed. There really are a multitude of advantages to using this material on your walls.

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