Monday, June 30, 2014

Americana Table for the 4th of July

I love decorating with red, white and blue, and I love gardening, so I was thrilled to find these dishes that bring together veggies and Americana. 
There were only four choices, so I picked one of each.  We normally only have four of us for dinner, but for several months this year, we had five.  I decided to use some complimentary plates for the ends so I had enough place settings for everyone.
I used the red Pottery Barn dinner plates underneath the veggie plates.  On the ends, I used large blue plates and the red PB salad plates.  Even though they are different, they seem to go together ok.  :)
Not only can I use these to celebrate the Fourth, but can also use them all summer.  Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!


 Happy 4th and Happy Summer!
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  1. Say what! Those veggie plates are amazing and make for a beautiful table. Enjoy your fourth! Jane

  2. Love this combo and the veggie plates are the bomb!

  3. Ooh I always wanted those vege dishes! And they look great on the red! Have a wonderful 4th!

  4. Great blog!

  5. We have been working outside a lot on our backyard. It is starting to look really nice. We have a nice little garden and a fun area.


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