Friday, March 22, 2013

An Old Washboard for the Laundry Room

I love old washboards and was so happy to find one on our local Craigslist last week.
This one has great graphics and the glass is in perfect condition.  What better place for it than the laundry room.
I made these "Mod podged with Graphics Fairy labels" laundry detergent bottles a couple of years ago  HERE.
I collect scales and was going to redo the one on the end, then decided I kind of like it in here, especially with the rusty pointer.

  I filled some blue canning jars with old clothespins, clips and spools of thread.  The chicken wire basket holds dusting and mopping cloths.
Last summer I found this copper washtub.  We use it in here for dirty towels. 

Thank goodness I have a modern washer and dryer.  I can't imagine the work that was involved in  doing laundry back in the day!
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  1. I love old washboards as well! I have inherited one from my mother's "people". It is currently on a ledge in our laundry room, anxiously waiting for the room to be fixed up and painted, so it can be proudly displayed. And, I must say, yours IS in great condition! And I can't imagine, either, having to wash clothing that way. I'll take my automatic washer, thank you very much, lol!

  2. I have never heard of a washboard with glass in it. Is that it's original state? I agree modern washers for me. Great new find, gotta love CL:)

  3. How wonderful! I love the pot for dirty towels.
    The washboard is neat too...I have one waiting for me at a dear friends house, a good excuse for a visit! I've never seen one with glass either...very unique, I'm sure.

    love the laundry room! (somebody has to, right?) Pat

  4. Great find! Me glad we have washers & dryers!!!

  5. It seems to me that I remember my grandmother having and using a washboard and I'm pretty sure it was glass, but that was a long time ago and my memory could be faulty!

  6. Nice and cool update thanks for it.

  7. Cool find on the old washboard! That will be a cool addition to your home decor!

  8. cool find your post is always worthy for me.

  9. Great tips on the laundry room. Laundry rooms have now evolved into a space that can be both pleasant looking and functionally efficient.


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