Sunday, September 2, 2012

Burlap Table Runner--PB Look @ DIY Price

A few weeks ago I was in Pottery Barn and found a jute table runner.  I had been looking for one and was very happy to find it on sale.  I brought it home and it was way too big for my table.  I love the texture of jute, burlap, etc and kept looking for one, but didn't want to pay lots and lots.... Last night I saw this post by Kristen @ Ella Claire Inspired and was so excited to make a runner myself.
I went to JoAnn's today and bought 4 yards of burlap.  I followed Kristen's directions and it turned out great!
I started out by washing it with Tide and some bleach to get rid of the smell.  I had to do a second load with a little more Tide and two rinses.  It still smelled a little, but wasn't horrible.  I took it outside and draped it over some chairs for about an hour.  Before I brought it back in the house, I really tried to shake it out.  There were burlap fibers flying everywhere!  :)

I then did a rough measurement of it, pulled a string from it and cut carefully along that line.  I cut it down the middle with the same technique.  Because it was so long, the string broke a couple of times.  I put on my reading glasses (haha!) and used a pin to find the string and started carefully pulling it again.  Once I had it out, I again carefully cut lengthwise.  I made it about 20" wide by 90" long for my 80" table.

I ironed it with my eurosteam.  I tried to use a normal iron set on Silk, as Kristen did, but wasn't getting anywhere.  It came out nice and smooth this way.
I set it on the table and did a final measurement.    I cut it so it'd hang a few inches over the edge of the table.  After that, I carefully pulled about 8 strings off, one at a time, to make the fringe.  This part was really easy.

And that was it!! 
I paid $10 for the burlap and can make two runners.  $5 for a runner is perfect in my book!  It sure beats paying $50 for the one at Pottery Barn.  Thank you Kristen!
I was in Michael's today and found this bird/candle holder for 90% off. 
I added some topiaries that I made and now have a simply decorated table for fall.  Now if I can just keep the cat out of there....  :)

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  1. This is such a fun update for fall! I've got to try this, thanks for the great tutorial.


  2. I love burlap but it is a booger to wash and iron. I have that same bird candleholder-I love it.The big trend here is cutting a square of burlap and stenciling and adding to a pillow top-I may get industrious and make some!

  3. That burlap runner is perfect!! And your eurosteam (drool)! I've been in love with painter's tarps lately...slip covers, drapes. Love the DIY stuff!!

  4. OK now that's too cool, I think I can do that without too much trouble, what a great idea and so simple!
    BTW, I remember when you told me your kitchen was supposed to only take 3 months to finish and it 6 months instead. Well we said the same thing...7 months later it was done!
    Thank you for the nice compliments it truly is a Labor of Love!

  5. What a great job you did on this runner! It looks wonderful!

  6. This turned out great! I love the little birdy candle holder too. I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll stop by Posed Perfection for a visit soon and maybe even a follow back. Have a great week!

  7. You did an excellent job and as you say, the price could hardly be better. Well done!

  8. Well, I've seen several of these but not fringed. I love that idea, it looks fabulous. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  9. This completely made my night! It is so exciting to see someone use my tutorial! Thank you so much. Your runner turned out great. I love it on your beautiful table :)

  10. How wonderful that turned out. I wish I would have known to wash it first. The first time I worked with burlap there was fibers everywhere and the smell wasn't pleasant. Know I know:)

  11. I love this idea! It is such a great idea for the fall! I am thinking when I get my table out of our Storage Units Springfield, VA. I may have to try and recreate this! I loved your candle holder as well.

  12. Hi Pam,

    I love your table runner. I'm planning to make drapes with burlap. I never thought to wash it first. Great idea!

    Your bird candle holder and topiaries are so pretty on your table.


  13. I really love the way the burlap emphasises the country feel of your home and dramatically dresses your table; a neat arrangement trick I must say. I think what makes it especially effective is the fringe though, since without it the runner just looks like a piece of cloth, whereas the fringe almost makes it seem like it's part of the table.

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  15. This is actually so much fun. I can just imagine what fun I would have by doing this at home. First of all it's cheap, secondly it's really personal that you get to put a little bit of your own into this project. Such a wonderful thing.

  16. Whoa, seems like a relatively simpleDIY home improvement. Thanks for sharing it with us! :)


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