Friday, April 20, 2012

Flowers Coming Alive and a Happy Dog

We are having gorgeous weather here!  It's supposed to be in the 80's for the next several days.  I am so happy, especially since it's the weekend too.  Not too much is blooming yet, but the things that are, are beautiful!

This is my view out my kitchen window.  I love the ground cover trailing down the rocks.

This flowering almond isn't very big or lush yet, but the flowers are so pretty! 

 A short walk around the park required a good cooling off.  It was funny that a few fish were right underneath him, but got out of the way.  He is one happy dog!

Thanks for coming by.  I hope you have a beautiful weekend too!



  1. Labs love water! looks like my brothers new chocolate Lab, Buddy.
    what a wonderful view of your yard.

  2. I love how the rocks look with all those little flowers in between them! He sure is happy of taking a brake in there!

    Have a Great Weekend, Pam!

  3. Pam, what are the white flowers? The yard is looking great! Don't over-do it this weekend out there now that your neck is a little better.
    Max sure loves the pond!!

  4. Hope you enjoy your weekend with beautiful weather. We are supposed to have rain here. We really need it. I always enjoy seeing your dog enjoy the water!

  5. The pooch looks right at home. My dog swims in our pond too:) Lovely view!!

  6. Look at that happy pup! SUch a cute photo. Your garden is so pretty! Wow.

    It has been overcast...threatening rain, but we have not had any rain yet.


  7. Pam your ground cover looks stunning, I love it!! Love the pic of your pooch too, too cute!


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