Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hand Me Downs from Friends are the Best

In my last blog post, I wrote about visiting a friend in the Palm Springs area last week.  I've known her since I was nine years old, so I guess our friendship is almost considered 'antique'.  :)

She moved into a new house and had some things that either didn't work in the house or she was just tired of.  Well, I was very happy to be the lucky recipient of her generosity!

I collect old scales and was so happy to get this one!

She told me that this was the first decorative item she purchased from Pottery Barn many, many years ago.  I love all of the details of it, especially that it's painted in my favorite color blue and has chicken wire on the door.

These miniatures are right up my alley--birdhouses, apothecary jars, crocks, flower seeds and an old cash register.  I'm going to see if it's possible to add lights to the inside of this so everything shows up even better when the door is closed.

This cast iron horse door stop is definitely a fave!

 I love this old frame she gave me.  I put my baby bird picture in it and have it hung right over my computer so I can look at it often.

 Here's the bird cloche that I won a few weeks ago from Martina at Northern Nesting.    A fun thing happened regarding the cloche.  When we were shopping in Palm Desert, we found the same cloche at the store there.  My friend ended up buying one for herself.  Now we both have them in our homes to enjoy. 
I copied the lavender in the peat pot from Becky at Junk to Joy.  What an fun project!  Thank you Martina and Becky!

Thank you so much for visiting!


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  1. Great hand me downs!!! Love it all!

  2. What great treasures Pam and you displayed them beautifully. I am so happy you like the wire cloche, I love the starfish in it, it's simple and so pretty! Now I'm sorry I didn't pick one up for myself too(LOL)! Martina

  3. You have some lovely pieces there. I especially like the little blue cabinet with the chicken wire.

  4. When she comes to visit, she will see how much your appreciate the gift of the treasuers she gave you!

  5. Looking wonderful Pam. Love the cloche you won from Martina, it really is a nice touch!

  6. Such awesome hand me downs. Lucky you. Thanks for sharing at my Sizzle into Summer party.

  7. You're lucky to have a friend with such good taste. Love, love, love the hand me downs.

  8. Luv that cloche, Pam! Pretty vignette, too! :)

    xoxo laurie

  9. Hi Pam! Love your bouquet! Thanks for letting me know and for the shout out!! Love your friend, too!
    All of us lovers of vintage should have a friend like that! She gifted you with some fabulous stuff!!


    And that bird cage with the starfish...charming! I put a cast iron bunny in a bird cage for the shop back in the spring! I love thinking out of the box, though sometimes it can be a challenge for me!!!

    Your vignettes are lovely!!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

  10. Lucky you...love that cloche that you won from Martina and chicken wire is always fun!!


  11. This looks great. I would love for you to stop by My Dream Canvas. Take care Anu

  12. You hit the jackpot, all lovely things. You are so blessed to have had a friend for so long. Love the cloche.

  13. How lucky are you to get hand me downs! I would love that little blue cabinet.

  14. Brought a smile to my face this am. Thanks Pam!

  15. Truly a treasure of a friend. The scale will go great with your collection.

    Take care,

  16. Great pieces, you are so lucky! I really like the horse door stop.


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