Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Guest Post--Bathroom Updates

Today I am welcoming Wilbert Bail with a guest post on bathrooms.  Thanks Wilbert!

The Adventurous Bathroom

The bathroom is without a doubt one of the best rooms in the house to spend some quality time. From taking a relaxing bath to pampering ourselves, it is the place where we can escape our everyday stresses. This is why we design our bathrooms to be not only functional but also to have an aesthetic which we can enjoy. When covering our walls and floors, we often adventure ourselves in either two directions: the modern looks vs the traditional ones.

The Modern Bathroom

Modern bathrooms are mainly designed with the idea of hygiene, often being tiled with simple colours so that dirt can be made visible and easy to clean. This approach not only looks clean, it also emphasizes on the idea of luxury and modernity. This makes modern bathrooms looking great, displaying shiny mono-coloured surfaces like a sports car would. However, not everyone enjoys this look, and some of us feel compelled towards something with more personality and less shine.

The Traditional Bathroom.

Most of us who enjoy old traditional bathrooms do so because those have more charm and character than their modern counterparts. Rather than using simple coloured tiles, older bathrooms have tiles which display patterns which get repeated over the spreading of multiple tiles. Those beautiful and sometimes intricate patterns add more originality to the room as they are very eye-catching. When looking around the room, our eyes glance at those patterns to make sure they are repeated perfectly, jumping from one tile to the other. And no matter how often we use the bathroom, we always take the time to stare at those patterns because it is something our eyes and brain enjoy doing.

Being adventurous

There is nothing wrong with getting what we want. Modern and luxurious looking bathrooms will often project the idea that we are financially well-off and as such their aesthetics will evolve around status. Whilst there are merits to this approach, it is not the most original way to do things. Buying the latest luxury item is an easy thing to do when you can afford it but taking the time to find an aesthetic which corresponds to certain traits of your personality takes time and reflection. So when it comes down to researching, being adventurous and hardworking will really pay off.

Choosing the ideal floor and wall coverings

Like many life choices, choosing the right aesthetics for our bathroom is all about taking the time to look at as many different options as possible. The best way is to look at different bathrooms displayed in catalogues, websites, DIY showrooms and even friend’s houses. Places such as the ABL Tile Centre provide a great choice of bathroom floor and wall coverings, and it is especially worth checking online to see the Artisan range at ABL. Doing so, we realise that there are many different appealing floor and wall coverings to choose from, covering all colours, patterns and textures. After all, why not be adventurous and find something we really want, rather than doing what everyone else does?


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