Saturday, March 1, 2014

More Fun and Games for the Game Room

I love antique shows and flea markets, especially during the winter when there aren't any garage sales going on.

Recently I found a Chinese Checkers board at a flea market.  It didn't come with any of the marbles, but good ol' Amazon had someone selling a complete set for $5. 

I wanted to display the board on the wall of my Game Room, so used Tacky Glue and a toothpick and filled each hole.  I set each marble in and let them dry.  Instantly I had colorful artwork for the wall!

Recently, I found this old bank and a jar of marbles.  The bank works by collecting nickels, dimes and quarters.  When the value in the bank reaches $10, you can open it.  Yes, we now put our change in each evening.  My husband knew exactly how it worked, as he'd had one of these growing up.

I love the colorful jar of marbles.  It came with a new lid, so I just changed it out to an old zinc lid and love the new look!

What fun things have you found lately?
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  1. Great looking kids treasures Pam. We have a few ourselves.

  2. Brilliant idea to glue the marbles in. I love it's 3D effect now as it hangs on the wall.

  3. Glad to have come across your blog and wonderful adventures! I wonder would my husband let me do the same with his Chinese checkerboard???

  4. Looks great Pam! We loved playing Chinese Checkers when we were kids. Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  5. love the chinese checkers idea, it does at a pop of colour. And the jar of marbles...looks like jelly beans! We don't have any indoor flea markets here and I don't know why since we could use it with our weather but I'm looking forward to spring and garage sales again.

  6. Very great idea..We have lots of marbles in our house yes! thanks

  7. My husband's friend is moving and was cleaning out one of this closets. He had a beautiful multi-game set with a wood base that includes checkers, chess and Scrabble. We scoffed it up for our game room!

  8. The gorgeous post learned a great deal Thanks greatly! best

  9. Love the style of the bank, very unique looking :)


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