Friday, December 27, 2013

Bathroom Updates--Guest Post

Today I am welcoming Vickie Bailey with a Guest Post on Bathroom Updates.  Thank you Vickie!

Cutting the Cost of Doing up Your Bathroom

The average cost of doing up a bathroom is anywhere between £500 and £10,000. Some bathroom renovations cost even more than that, depending on the budget and tastes of the property owner. However most property owners will most likely be looking for ways to reduce this cost, rather than letting it escalate. This is particularly true in the modern economic climate, when many people throughout the country are keeping a careful eye on their finances.

Nevertheless, sometimes doing up your bathroom is necessary and unavoidable. Perhaps there are some essential repairs which need carrying out, or maybe your bathroom just looks a little more worn and faded that you’d like. Whatever your reasons for a refurb, here are some amazingly handy hints for keeping the cost down when doing up your bathroom.

Conduct a Proper Assessment

Giving your bathroom a practiced glance over will ensure that you only end up carrying out those repairs or refurbishments that are absolutely necessary. It’ll also help you to avoid any DIY pitfalls, such as attempting to pry tiles off the wall only to realize that they’re tearing out huge chunks of plaster along the way. To keep your costs down, remember this one adage: if the job at hand will be neither essential nor easy, it’s best not to bother.

Look for the Easy Solutions

If your bathroom is looking shabby, it might not be the appliances themselves which are to blame. Instead, look for the easy solutions. Your bath can be improved by redoing the sealant around the edges, and tiles can be similarly improved by removing old grouting and replacing it with new. Similarly, old tiles can be transformed by covering them up with sheets, rather than replacing the whole lot. You can find both grouting and tile sheets for a low, low cost at Tiles4All.

Match your Linens

The look of a bathroom can also be improved through its accessories. Replace your shabby old towels with lovely news ones in matching or complementary colours. Tie the colour of your towels in with your bathmat, blinds or shower curtains, and you’ve instantly created a brand new look for your bathroom which is bound to impress.

Hire a Professional

This may sound counter-intuitive, but if your bathroom is really in need of some repair work, sometimes the best solution is to let a professional tackle the job. Not only will they get it done quickly, and to a high standard, but if you were to attempt it and make a mistake the cost of putting your bathroom right might be higher than it would have been otherwise. Not only will a professional give you peace of mind, but a quality finish will add value to your home in the long run.

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  1. One of our bathrooms also doubles as a laundry room. We just bought the house and this is the first room I really want to update - but I am shuddering about the possible cost.


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