Tuesday, October 22, 2013

No More Icicles--Adding Heat to the Roof and Gutters

Last winter was especially snowy here.  Icicles were almost hitting the ground!  Look back in that corner-- the icicles are almost touching the ground.  Time for some serious preventative measures so that our gutters didn't fall off from the weight of all of that ice!
Even with most of the snow gone, there was still this icicle.  Pretty, but obviously showing a problem with the drainage...
We ordered these cables from Amazon.  It took my husband about an hour to install everything.



One cable goes in the gutter, then the other cables are zigzagged up the roof (and into the corner where ice really causes problems).  We have it on a timer in the house, so once the snow starts flying, we'll be ready for it this year.
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