Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reluctantly Accepting that Summer is Ending

I love summer.  I love everything about summer.  I'm probably one of the few people who doesn't eagerly anticipate fall's arrival.  Yes, I enjoy the coziness of fall and love to watch football, but I know that soon after fall comes snowy, non-gardening winter.  :)

It usually takes me awhile to buy fall flowers, as my summer flowers are generally still doing well.  Unfortunately, if I wait until my summer flowers look horrible, it's too late to get fall flowers.  Oh the dilemma.  haha
(Full disclosure here--this was the pot at its prettiest a few weeks ago.  It did not look this good yesterday when I pulled all of the flowers...)

 I love the Wave Petunias and Cosmos in here.  I will definitely be planting Wave Petunias in all of my pots next spring.  They get huge!

 This and the next two pictures are right after I planted the pots in May. 

And now I have Mums.  The plants I bought were so big (thank you Costco!) that I wasn't able to fit anything else around the edges.  Maybe a simple planting is perfect for now.

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  1. Pam, you're not the only one that doesn't eagerly await fall! Trust me on that one! Fall to me means the death of my annuals, and the going to sleep of my perennials. I wish I had summer 12 months of the year. For that matter, I'm not even terribly fond of fall colors. Granted, the leaves that go into deep reds, changing color, are so beautiful. However, I'd take a never ending summer to that one, lol!

    Unfortunately for me, this summer hasn't seen too much relaxing around here. We have been painting our house and shed, and boy, what a job, phew! We will be finished within the next day or two, then I'm ready to relax a bit and enjoy summer, whoo! hoo! Wait, summer was going on while I was doing all the work...hmmm...screwed that one up but good, lol!


  2. Don't worry honey, Fall doesn't OFFICIALLY start until Sept. 23 so you still have about a month!!!

  3. Since Fall is my favorite season I dont mind. But I do love my flowers.

  4. Pretty mums. But I am so not happy about summer ending.... *sadface* I think I am going to put together a summer table scape this weekend! ;P

    One of my containers is looking sad. I need to replace the flowers ASAP.

  5. Hi darling, I'm ready to put out some mums, a bit early here. At a 2 sec mist of rain and now hot and muggy, the bright beautiful colors of the mums would be so welcoming... love, love, love the scale in your header picture.. it is a beaut..
    hugs ~~lynne~~

  6. Loved your summer flowers Pam. I am sad about summer ending, but so looking forward to crispy Fall days and beautiful abundant colors.

  7. Pam, I'm so glad you found me! I love your blog and am happily following you back :)

  8. Pam, thanks for stopping by and the kind words! Your flowers are so pretty! I love the huge mum!!!! I will follow you back! Traci

  9. Pam, your mums are gorgeous. I can't wait to purchase some, but they aren't available here yet. The bigger, the better! I like your new header, too!

  10. I'm right there with you about summer and I'm not a fan of fall either because it leads right into winter! That mum is huge and your flowers are still beautiful, I'll have to remember the wave petunias for next year!

  11. Very pretty Pam!! I haven't planted any mums yet, but after seeing yours I can't wait! Have a great week!

  12. What beautiful and hearty mums, Pam! I'd love to get some now, but, I'm afraid our heat and direct sun would give them a short life! So, I'll enjoy yours for now. :)

  13. Love the simplicity and beauty of a pot full of mums!! Just so lovely, Pam! Of course, you just surround yourself with loveliness period!

    Hope you have a delightful week, sweetie!

  14. Hi Pam,

    Your flowers are beautiful. I love the mums.


  15. Summer is my favorite too… I have never seen Wave Petunias before, it is really attractive. You have a fabulous choice I guess.


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