Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fun Garage Sale Finds

I've been going out just about every Saturday morning to the local estate sales.  There are some weeks that I come home with nothing and some weeks that I come home with some fun things.  It certainly is an enjoyable way to spend an hour or so, and I rarely ever spend more than $10. 

I love this metal horse.  Actually there are two of them that fit together.  I now have two places I can hang them.  This one is in my living room.

.  I think these milk bottles and holder are reproductions, but I still think they're cute.

I went out to my side yard and cut some lavender.

And have a good smelling kitchen island.  :)

I love this old box.

I need more furniture like I need a hole in my head, but couldn't pass up this dresser.  Stay tuned for the redo coming soon!

And who can resist a lab in water??  :)
It's been hot, hot, hot here and Max knows exactly where to go to cool off. 

What fun things have you found lately? 

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  1. Love the horse and the bottles. The lavender makes a great bouquet and the smell is heavenly I am sure. Looks fabulous on the island. Great pic of Max. Hugs, Marty

  2. WOW look at your lavendar! I have lavendar envy!

  3. Pam love that horse and those bottles! Your side garden is stunning! My favorite pic is Max cooling of in your pond, so sweet!! Have a great weekend and stay cool! It's a scorcher here today!!

  4. Oh, I love the horse and the milk bottles. Such a cool idea to use them as vases and fill them with lavender. Max is certainly one smart doggie!

  5. Your lavendar is beautiful. Love your pond, too!

  6. Love what you found Pam! I hit a few up this morning, but came home empty handed! Have a great Saturday!

  7. Oh my gosh......that lavender is fantastic! Max has the right idea. Maybe you've got room for two more labs? Bryn is yellow and Dolly is black. They can't swim here because of the alligators.

  8. Love those milk bottle you found and your lavender looks amazing!! I haven't been to a garage sale in a while but always find something fun when I do.

    One of my favorite garage sale finds was this soap dish I posted about here: it's amazing what 10¢ can get you sometimes!

  9. Love the horse Pam! And how cool that you have your own lavender!! Love that! And the lab in the pond is just precious. You home is so lovely, and you have done such a nice job with the outside, too.

    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  10. Love all that you found especially the chest of drawers! I can't wait to see what you do with it! My favorite thought is Max how cute is that? Buster too, just goes down the steps in our pool and cools off:) It's been hot here too!

  11. Don't tell me you got all those things for $10. I can't wait for the dresser reveal and the milk bottles are perfect for the lavender. I can't believe how huge your lavender is, it looks heavenly!

  12. I always find the coolest stuff at garage sales, usually geeky stuff like old video game systems and computers.


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