Friday, February 3, 2012

Touring the HGTV Dream Home

My husband and I were lucky enough to get tickets to tour the HGTV Dream Home today.  It was a perfectly beautiful day!

 The house has this incredible view of the Wasatch Range.

 And it's only a short drive to Park City and all of the ski resorts.

 And minutes from this reservoir for some summer boating.

 I hope in a few weeks, I'll be saying "Welcome to my new home!"

 The living room was so pretty!  I love the colors, the rock on the walls and the view out all of the windows.

 I was standing in the living room and looking toward the dining room.

 This hallway led from the living room to a bedroom suite.  A beautiful ottoman and creative decoration with the candles on the wall.

 I love the blue backsplash with the red knobs on the cooktop.  The appliances were plentiful--besides this Wolf Range and the wall oven/microwave/warming drawer combo (below), there was also a separate refrigerator, separate freezer, wine cooler and two refrigerated drawers.

 A great big island!

Right outside the living room/kitchen area was this fully equipped outdoor kitchen/entertaining area.

 Including this fireplace and tv!

 They didn't have a fire going in the firepit today, but it still looked like a great place to hang out!

 The master bath was lovely!

 This is the view from the master shower!

 We loved this mirror in the half bath downstairs.

 And doesn't everyone need a sauna?!  I'd love it!

 There was a lot of light coming in from the windows, so this picture didn't turn out great, but this is a family room at one end of the house.

 They used an area attached to the family room to create a great 'sleepover' place for the kids!

This was the third bedroom.  The carpet pattern was buffalo check navy and white.  It was very bold, but since those are my favorite colors, I thought it looked pretty neat.  I love the bedding in this room too.

It was quite lovely.  The setting with the river behind the home and the view of the mountains in front of the home is outstanding.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll win!  :)
(The tour guide told us today that they had 77 MILLION entries for the Dream Home last year!  I'm guessing my chances are pretty good!)  haha

Thanks for your visit!



  1. Good job Pam,

    Ah girl, how are you going to handle the Moose, Deer and other critters eating their way through your landscaping. I seem to recall the comments you made about my wildlife issues! :) I did a blog posting on the HGTV Dream House too! Hope to call you neighbor! Or is it a Welcome to you my guest, in my HGTV Dream House?

    1. You are absolutely right Linda! I would not care for the wildlife, as gardening is my passion! :)

      It was a lot of fun to tour. Hope you enjoyed it too!

  2. Such a gorgeous home! I love the mirror in the bathroom too! The sleepover area seems like it would be a lot of fun for kids. Thank you for the tour!

  3. What an awesome tour Pam. I loved everything. The picture of the boys room was a great inspiration as I have been thinking about doing my older boys room with an updated look. I loved this.

  4. Fabulous home, wow! I hope soon you can welcome us to your new house too. Great tour, I love the kitchen, the bathroom and guest area, it is just perfect! Happy weekend.

  5. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too Pam! What a gorgeous home!!

  6. But if I win, then I would be so close to you, my friend! How long of a drive is it to your current house?

    1. It's less than an hour away. Think of all of the gardening/antiquing/decorating we could do together! :)

    2. Let's keep our fingers crossed! ; )

  7. Oh how fun. Good luck, I hope you win. That would be a definite dream come true. Hugs, Marty

  8. What a beautiful house and location!

  9. How beautiful!!! I am so happy that you were able to tour it!!! I look forward to seeing more pictures of YOUR new home!

  10. What a gorgeous house. I love the lanterns on the wall in the hallway and the third bedroom with the buffalo check rug and the paisley bedding. Thanks for sharing. What fun it must have been to go through the house.

  11. I had no idea that they opened those houses for tours before they were given away. What fun seeing it in person must have been.

  12. Hello,

    It's gorgeous! Love the views and the colors through out the house. I would be hanging at the outdoor kitchen area.
    Than you for sharing this beautiful home. Good Luck! Have a nice weekends

  13. Beautiful house!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  14. Wow this is a beautiful!!! I love that kitchen because as you know from stopping by my blog, we're in the middle of a huge kitchen renovation! It was wonderful seeing this though, the cook range we're putting in is a "Wolf" so this it was great to see it here again...
    Thanks for taking us on the tour since you're so close!
    I think you have pretty good chance of winning that house, I'm mean hey, you blogged about it, they owe you something!

  15. Your dream home is so big, and it comes with an all-around package with all the leisure places that you can visit! And the view is not bad too! The sauna looks so tempting! It would be so relaxing to just settle in a hot tub and enjoy the warm water around your body. You're so lucky to have the chance to visit the HGTV Dream Home. Cheers!

  16. These are lovely ideas for home improvement. Interior and exterior both play wide in the beauty of a house.


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