Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another Closet is Always a Welcome Addition

My husband wanted to add a closet to the 'man cave'.  I was all for it!  I love to have things organized and was thrilled when he said I could put whatever I wanted to put in there.  :)

Here is the 'before'.  We added that flooring when we first moved in and stored our bikes right there.  There had to be a better use for that space!

 The view from downstairs.

The mess from sanding drywall... This was after cleaning for quite awhile!  That drywall dust gets EVERYWHERE!

Prior to adding shelves.

Nice deep shelves to hold everything.

I am so happy to have a place to hang my vacuum hose. It's big and bulky and fits perfectly in here!

 Here's a view of the room while standing at the new closet.  

He had to make special concessions on the size and the way the door fit in due to the slope of the ceiling.  He really maximized the space.  I think it looks great! 

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  1. What a great use of space (and remodeling resources - time and energy) Well worth it! Thanks for sharing all the photos so we could get a real sense of the project.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. It does look great Pam! One can never have to many closets!! Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!! Martina

  3. Your husband is such a craftsman! His projects and your ideas always amaze me! You guys make such a great team! But I'm sure you already knew that!!! LOL! : )

  4. What a great hubby my dear! Your closet looks great, goodness, I need a couple of closets more myself! Great job ad thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Perfect spot and it looks like it has always been there! Is Hubby for hire? He did a fabulous job...great carpentry work.

  6. Great job! It's always a plus to have an extra closet!

  7. Oh my a truly inspiring idea! Those "loft" areas are alway a head scratcher as what to do with! That was smart and it looks great and it's functional! Can't get any better than that!! I "hate" drywall work! It' messy and goes everywhere!! I don't envy the cleanup of it!! 5 star job!!

  8. Amazing! Your home looks great! Thanks for sharing how it turned out.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  9. great to have a new closet! You can never have too much storage!

  10. That turned out great! I love when people think out of the box. I do a lot of dreaming like adding things here and there.. it's nice to see someone actually DOING. :)

  11. LOVE this project! It looks amazing!

  12. That is awesome Pam. The fact that the hubs can do that is even better. Can you send him over here? Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  13. Great project, closet space is always welcomed. I'm a new follower, please drop by when you have a chance.

  14. Hi Pam,

    WOW! Your new closet looks wonderful! Your husband is very talented! It looks like it was always there.

    I see we have the same dust problem. Mine is plaster dust. lol


  15. it's very cool, who would have thought that the area who has indeed a very tiny space can be maximized..

    bird aviary

  16. Oh, I missed this, wow he is quite the handyman...I could use one of those. It looks like it came with the house. Like who doesn't need another closet!!



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