Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ice Cream Can Birdhouse

I found this old ice cream maker last month.  My husband is making me a birdhouse out of it (I will post about it soon!) 
 So this is what we started with. 

Inside of it, was this rusty metal cylinder. A perfect shape for another birdhouse!

He made this cedar roof.
And cut off the top.

I found this metal bird at Hobby Lobby. A little bit of surgery to it and it became the finial.


 I used my trusty apple cider vinegar and steel wool process to age it.

I then sent it off to my dear friend Heather for her birthday!


Thanks for your visit!

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  1. And I love it!! Thank you, again!

  2. So cute, Pam. What a great idea. I bet she was over the moon to get it..Happy Thursday..Judy

  3. Such a special gift for your friend. Handmade gifts are the best.

  4. Pam, how clever and so darn cute. What a fantastic gift:)

  5. Wow, that is a fantastic gift. Your husband is so talented at woodworking, and when he pairs with you...well, the two of you together are just plain dangerous! :) By the way, have I ever mentioned the date of my Birthday?

  6. fantastic you made a lovely lamp you provide nice art to us.

  7. Truly a unique and wonderfull gift! That is very crafty! Fantastic DIY project, and a great way to reuse old material to recycle into something new and beautiful!

  8. Such a clever turn-around. I do love that old ice-cream maker tub. Believe it or not, before Cuisinarts we used to use those to churn it. So messy. You'll find a better use. Dropping by from BNOP, Jane

  9. well, just too too cute!! Of course I loved just the ice cream tin itself...maybe just rust it a tad bit more. =)



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