Monday, December 31, 2012

New Game Room Shelf Using English Brackets


A few months ago I received these beautiful Cast Iron Shelf Brackets from English Brackets to review.  I was thrilled to receive them as they are gorgeous and so unique!  The company makes brackets in Iron, Brass, Chrome and Wood.  They offer hundreds of choices!
Here are the details about the Cast Iron brackets that I received:
  • Each bracket is manufactured from 100% Solid Cast Iron
  • We use age old tools, patterns and techniques, to ensure each bracket is brought to life with stunning attention to detail
  • Our brackets are suitable for use with shelves, cisterns, sinks and also to decorate roof supports and frames.
  • Each bracket is supplied in a traditional cast iron finish with a polished lacquer applied to the surface.
  • Maintenance is minimal and we recommend avoiding the use of cleaning chemicals and polishes.

    Check out their website for a multitude of choices. English Brackets
    Here's what I received--They are the Winchester Small Iron Brackets. 
    We hung  them this weekend in our Game Room. They were easy to install, came with all of the necessary hardware and look so nice on the wall! I haven't seen brackets this pretty before!

    We added this shelf made by Rubbermaid that we purchased at Home Depot.  It fit perfectly!
    We were able to put some pretty heavy things on it.  The apothecary jar and scale each weigh quite a bit.  The shelf holds all of this with no problem.




    We love the way the new shelf brings some interest to what was a boring corner of this kitchen.
    English Brackets has an easy to use website, great customer service and ships quickly.  I  highly recommend this product and company.
    Thanks for your visit.


    1. Beautiful! :)

      Happy New Year! :)

    2. Looks great, Pam. Love the vintage items you added.
      xx, Sherry

    3. Great place for a shelf and I love the vintage items that adorn it. It's always fun to test new products! Happy New Year!

    4. Love the brackets...I can see these in our downstairs bath! Lovely! xo

    5. Pam, the brackets are really pretty, and your shelf looks great in that corner. I have been catching up with you by reading some of your previous posts about your game room. It is amazing with that Coke machine and the pinball machine. Your husband can take apart anything and make it work! I hope you guys have many hours of fun in your awesome game room!

    6. What a darling shelf! I always wonder how much these will hold. Perfect in your kitchen! happy new year to you!

    7. Love th brackets, they are the perfect"look" for your shelf. Compliment your vintage pieces beautifully!
      Have a great weekend :)

    8. Hi Pam!

      It was nice seeing your blog and read it for the first time. Actually me & my family were busy packing thing since we have to move to West Palm Beach. Been busy to clean some carpets and stuffs that we will be using as a flooring for our bedroom.

      And here I am, I still manage to check your site out because I was overwhelmed about your vintage minimalist aesthetics. Actually, I envy your picture about that "old coca cola" poster, It really reminds me of our lives back when we were young.

      Anyways, I am just excited to comment on this post and I do hope that you can reply to me whenever you can.

      May the joys of life be with you always!


    9. These are gorgeous! Are the rest of their products this elegant!? They would be perfect for my 1800's English garden room!

    10. The shelves look so perfect in your game room Pam. I love those gorgeous brackets!!! Thanks for the site.

    11. I love apothecary jars - they are lovely empty or you can always fill them with neat trinkets for decoration Love it!

    12. Awesome blog! Keep it up but supposedly I'm looking forward to the post of pantry doors, both of theses blogs are interesting to me.

    13. Very useful blog ,I like it when you use bracket as a decoration.


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