Sunday, December 18, 2011

Twig Christmas Tree Art

I love rustic Christmas decorations and certainly loved the project that Kindra  At Home With K's blog did to make her twig Christmas tree. Here's my version of it. 

I started with this frame from Michael's.  I spray painted it white with Rustoleum 2x Flat White Paint.

 I was disappointed that there was only a piece of cardboard on the back of the frame.  This definitely made it harder to get a good stretching of the burlap.  I put a thin piece of batting under the burlap and hot glued the edges of the burlap to the back of the cardboard.

I used Tacky Glue to attach the twigs to the burlap.  I spread the glue on the twigs pretty heavily.

This is before the glue dried completely.

 I used a heavy pan to hold the twigs in place to dry.

 I added a starfish to the top and was done.  (You can still see a little of the tacky glue.  It was still wet here, but did dry clear)

Thanks for your visit!  And Happy Holidays!

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  1. Pam,
    That is just adorable, I really like the natural feel to it all. The pan was a great idea. LOL

  2. That's wonderful! I love how everyone's using nature (myself included!) in their Christmas decorating...just seems so earthy doesn't it? Nice job Pam! xo

  3. Such a cute idea Pam! I love the beaded detail on the frame you chose! What a beautiful and inexpensive way to decorate using nature!

  4. So the rustic look.

  5. Pam what an adorable piece of art. Where are you going to hang it ?

  6. Kathy, she is hanging it at my house!! : )
    It goes perfectly with my other Christmas decor. And Pam, you probably didn't know this, but the frame also matched my dishes, with white raised dots along the edges.
    I am humbled by your generous spirit and talents! Heather

  7. Love it Pam..this is so adorable and what a clever idea. Merry Christmas my friend.

  8. Pam! I love it! I am so happy you made this project. :) I love the idea of using burlap as a backdrop. Thanks so much for letting me know about this. I'm going to put a link on my Facebook page. Merry Christmas!

  9. Such a clever idea. I am so glad I found your special place here. Thanks for sharing. I will follow on my way out so as I would love to visit again. I hope you will find the time to come visit my place and do the same. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to engaging and supporting your blog in the New Year. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  10. I think it's beautiful! Natural and lovely!!!

  11. I love this. I live in Maine, I could leave this up year round. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Pam I love it!! Think I'm going to be a copy cat:)

  13. I love the natural look to it and the burlap too!

  14. I am loving the nature theme going on this year.This is just too cute! And I love the star on top.

  15. What a great idea! I love the burlap and white together. Thank you for taking the time to make it a tutorial.

  16. That's a very charming piece Pam and it looks so easy. Are you keeping or giving?
    Happy Holidays,


  17. Hi Pam. I love this twiggy tree. So great!

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Pam.

    Blessings. Amy

  18. Too pretty Pam!!! I love the pan idea, for so many projects! Merry Christmas :)

  19. So cute! I'd love to make one! Thanks so much for stopping by, means alot!
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  20. What an adorable twig tree! I love your creation Pam, you are so creative!!!

  21. Beautiful job!!! Where are you hanging it?
    Following you :)

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas.
    Mary Ann

  22. That's so cute! Love the tiny starfish.


  23. Hi darling, this is just too cute for words.. will try to make some for the shop for next season..
    Happy Holidays hugs ~lynne~

  24. This is so great!! Looks perfect with the burlap and white frame. thanks so much for sharing the fun at VIF! Merry Christmas, xo

  25. Really cute artwork. I want to have something like this.


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