Sunday, May 25, 2014

Beautiful Early Flowers

My two favorite months in the garden are May and June.  I absolutely love it when life returns to the yard and before the hot, hot summers take their toll on the flowers.

I planted my pots a little early this year.  The usual  safe date  to plant annuals here is Mother's Day.  I am a rebel (ok, not really) and planted things about 10 days before Mother's Day.  I did have to bring everything in to the garage one night,  but it was worth  it.  Now the pots are filling quickly.
These wave petunias are so pretty right out my back door.
I bought a galvanized watering can a few weeks ago.  It leaked, so didn't really work as a watering can, but it does work as a cute planter. 
I had another one that is painted light blue. I  think the cosmos look so cute in it too.
My peonies are ready to explode!  Every day I see more blooms.  They are such pretty flowers.
One of my clematis is blooming.  I love the pink color of these flowers.



 I love the look of flowers in galvanized buckets.

And in milk crates.  These wave petunias will be spilling over the sides in no time!
What are your favorite flowers?
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  1. There all so pretty, I am trying to get some planting done today. Love the water can's :)

  2. Beautiful flowers Pam. My peonies have finally opened, I have a light pink color and they are so pretty. One bush didn't bloom, it gets too much shade now so I need to transplant it.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  3. Hi Pam...
    I don't think I have ANY of those flowers in my garden. I like all the bulbs that bloom around my yard during the early spring...Iris and Daffodils.
    We have a beautiful rose on the north side of the house-- like an antique rose maybe? But the hubby has taken a liking to it and keeps it dead headed...and it just bursts with color. I think its beautiful and I can smell it wafting in the kitchen window some days.
    I would say my favorite flower that I sow each year are the zinnias... I love growing them.
    Love seeing your flowers.

  4. How can you not love peonies this time of year! Mine are about done and I hate that. My roses are really going to. the smell on my porch by the peonies and roses are heaven scent. Love your cosmos, I raise them by seed to have them in the hot days of July and Aug.

  5. Oh the flowers are so pretty. I am with you, I love to see the first flowers of the year start to bloom and fill the yard with such beautiful color. Your garden looks wonderful.

  6. Your flowers are beautiful! I always pot my flowers too early and have to drag them inside or cover them up on cold nights. I just can't help myself!! Glad to know someone else does, too! You are way ahead of game. Your blooms are filling out nicely! Enjoy your week!!

  7. You have chosen beautiful coloured flowers. I just loved your garden a lot. I would like to see your garden photos of now. Are there any more flowers you have implemented in your garden?

  8. Pam,
    Thanks for sharing all your beautiful flowers at my party. Love how you use so many neat things as containers.



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