Friday, December 14, 2012

An Oldtime Pinball Machine for the Game Room

We love hanging out in our basement family room/ game room.  We collect vintage games such as Pachinko and some old ball shooter games.  Today as I was on our local 'Craigslist-like' online marketplace, I saw an ad for an old pinball machine.  I do a lot of garage-saling and looking online and have not seen one like this before.  I thought it would look great in the game room.  Of course, it was crazy-worry time for me as we had to drive home 30 miles with it in the back of the truck.  Luckily it made it and my worst "old pinball machine strewn all over the freeway" fears didn't come to pass.  :)

I absolutely love the graphics painted on the sides of it.  We think it is a pretty old one based on the birds' eye maple wood on the edges and legs. 

My very handy husband will be digging into it soon and hopefully get it working perfectly again.  In the meantime, I'm just excited to have it!
Thanks for your visit!

With the rest of the world, my thoughts and prayers are with Newtown, CT.

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  1. Hey, cool! Ironically, a friend of my husband's finds, and buys pinball machines, fixes them up, and sells them. He does it for a hobby.

  2. My kids want one for their room, but they are so expensive. Can't wait to see if you get her going. Love it.

  3. Pam, how cool is that? Looks very vintage, how fun!

  4. I have so many fond memories of playing pinball. Yours is so pretty.


  5. What a great find, and it looks perfect in your game room!

  6. Love this! What an awesome addition to your game room!

  7. Fantastic find. What a collection you have there in your game room.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. you sure have some fun things in your home...


  9. Nice blog. What a collection you have there in your game room.
    Thanks for sharing.


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