Friday, March 25, 2011

I am Not a Fan of Crazy Spring Weather!

Two days ago I was outside in shorts--probably not a good look with how wintery-white my legs are right now--but it was beautiful outside!  I was able to cut back the perennials that I didn't get to this fall and do some general clean up in the yard.  I even saw this bird checking out the birdhouse for a potential new home.

My bulbs are slowly, slowly making their way up.  Good thing since none of the perennials are ready yet!

The weeping cherry is starting to get buds.  You can bet I'll do another post when this beauty is in full bloom!

And now today....

I know it's not a lot of snow, so I am not complaining too much (but still complaining!)

I did hear on the news last night that March, April and May are the wettest months in our area.  Darn it, why did I have to hear that??

I hope it's sunny and beautiful wherever you are today!  Please soak up some of the sun for me.  We're supposed to be stormy till next Wednesday....

Thank you so much for coming by.  I really appreciate your visits and comments!



  1. I am so over the snow! Bring on the warm sunny weather! :)

  2. We had the same snow yesterday but today is sunny... although NOT WARM *sigh*

  3. We seem to be having the same mixed-up crazy weather that you are...although nothing looks very green here yet. I guess I have a little time yet before I have to worry about dividing perennials. Hope you're back in shorts again soon!

  4. Pam I know how you feel!! We have sun here today but it's still so cold. Have a great weekend, Martina

  5. It all looks so beautiful! I really love your bird house. I can't believe I'm saying this since I live in Southern California, but I am getting tired of the rain! It's so cold and wet!

  6. LOLOL Pam!!! Welcome to MY world.

    I try to find fun in it - - - might as well, can't dance.

    It will melt, one day, I promise.

    You know - - - this Earth is now tilting toward the sun in the northern hemisphere so it's gotta warm up - - - one day.

    At least you've got BUDS and SPROUTS under it - - - wait 'til you see over on MY BLOG the only kind of flowers WE'VE got so far this spring.

    It is only March - - - we often get really BIG snows in March - - - but they melt pretty quickly.

  7. So sorry! It is warm and sunny here today, but tomorrow it's going to be cold and rainy... Pollen is covering cars here, so I feel sorry for those who suffer with allergies!

  8. Oh no...more snow! It is sunny here but still a bit chilly! It won't be much longer...warm weather is on the way! :)

  9. We left Florida for our place in North Carolina and the weather is chilly but my daffodils are gorgeous. Now that the snowbirds are leaving for their homes up north spring is definitely here.

  10. Same thing happening here too Pam...I hate it! At least the snow is melting quickly this time...UGH!

    Have a great weekend...

  11. Oh my gosh!!! Hey, but it is March 25, how much longer can it last?
    I am looking forward to seeing that weeping cherry!!

  12. SNOW was not what I as expecting when I saw your title. After a stormy weekend we will have sun in the 70's next week. I'm so thankful for spring! Hope that snow melts soon so your weeping cherry can bloom!

  13. Hi Pam I thought I was following you but I guess not so I am now where are you ? You must be in the Mid west because we were going to get this lovely stuff But in missed me by about 30 miles... Thank God I'm so over this winter....have a good weekend or at least try.


  14. Ugh... we are due to get snow tomorrow. I feel your pain. It is nice to see the tulips making some headway though :) I don't dare try shorts, yet. My kids love to make fun of my paste-y skin. My oldest just tans looking at the sun. Not fair. Try and enjoy your weekend :)

  15. Pam,

    We have been having the same crazy weather here in jersey.


  16. I don't miss Utah. I do miss the bulbs though. We don't get tulips and daffodils in So Cal because the ground doesn't freeze. I loved seeing those green blades popping up through the snow... Sometimes I do miss Utah. But not the cold.


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