Friday, January 10, 2014

Hardwood Floors--Guest Post

Today I am welcoming Vickie Bailey with a Guest Post about Hardwood Floors.  I absolutely LOVE our hardwood floors and appreciate the advice here.  Thanks Vickie!

How to Maintain a Hardwood Floor

A well maintained hardwood floor is a thing of beauty. Not only do hardwood floors look stunning on their own merits, but they’re also capable of perfectly complementing almost any home interior design scheme. It’s no wonder that they’ve remained such a popular choice with homeowners over the years. Modern companies such as The Reclaimed Flooring Company exist solely to provide house proud homeowners with the wide selection of hardwood flooring styles that are so in demand today.

However, despite how amazing they look, a great many homeowners still choose to cover up their hardwood floors with laminate or carpet. Why would they do such a thing? It’s simple. Hardwood floors require a very special kind of maintenance to keep them looking wonderful. And if you don’t put the time and effort into maintaining a hardwood floor, before too long it will lose its natural lustre.

Basic Cleaning

All floors need a basic amount of cleaning, and this goes double for hardwood flooring. To make sure you’re cleaning your hardwood floor to an adequate standard, it’s always helpful if you implement a simple cleaning regime which you can refer to on a regular basis. First dust your floor with a soft mop, making sure to use a dusting agent which will pick up any stubborn bits of hair or dirt. Every other week, use a vacuum cleaner on your floor for extra intensity, and once a week go over your floor with a disposable dusting cloth.

Deep Cleaning

Your hardwood floor will also require a regular deep clean, to ensure that stubborn materials, such as oil and dirt, are removed completely. This will necessitate the use of a special wood cleaning product. Make sure to choose one which is compatible with your type of flooring. If in doubt, ask a store assistant to help you or get in touch with the company who supplied your flooring in the first instance. First dust as normal, then apply the product. Damp mop, then rinse, and make sure not to stand on your floor when it is still wet.

Stubborn Stains and Marks

If your floor is looking a little scuffed, you may wish to attempt to remove these marks. Do so carefully, and by hand, unless you want to run the risk of permanently damaging your flooring. Certain products will easily get rid of surface stains, but if the stain has penetrated further don’t be tempted to go after it with sandpaper or harsh chemicals, which will irreparably damage your floor. Consult with a professional and, if in doubt, leave it alone. Sometimes the beauty of a hardwood floor lies just as much in the story of its existence – stains and all – as it does in how it looked brand new.



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