Friday, December 13, 2013

A Great Last Minute Gift for the Woodworker on your List!

We do a lot of projects in the garage.  For my husband to work out on his table saw for long periods of time, his back gets tired from standing all day. 
We found a great solution--The Stanley Utility Mat.
He's been using it for a few weeks when working on his table saw and says he can definitely notice a difference in how his back feels at the end of the day.  (Why didn't we get one of these sooner?!)  Also, in our garage, there is always lots and lots of dust.  I was very impressed with how well the mat cleaned up after a long day of use.
  • The Stanley Utility Mat’s superior “Comfort Made Tough” technology was engineered with an optimal balance of cushion, support and durability proven to relieve pressure and soreness on feet, knees and back (giving you more time and energy to complete your home improvement projects!)
  • Features premium polyurethane construction engineered specifically to stand up to a rugged workshop environment and is resistant to chemical spills
  • Includes a 20-year warranty and is available at for all those online shoppers looking to avoid the store crowds this season
  • Great quality gift for the price at under $50
If you're looking for that last minute gift, I'd recommend this mat! 
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I was given this product to review.  All of my opinions are my own.


  1. Thanks for sharing Pam!
    I so need one of these. I cut out all my own wood and standing at the saw can be hard on my back with my arthritis. Also I do a lot of my painting standing up, (window screens, windows, etc. the bigger items.) hard on the back. This is something my kids can get me for Christmas

  2. Thanks for a great idea for the guy who buys everything for himself and the shop! My husband had a triple fusion and needs all the help he can get. :)


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