Sunday, September 8, 2013

Adding a Little Character to a Rickety Vinyl Fence

Around part of our backyard, we have an off white vinyl fence.  It's been rickety since we moved in, but it wasn't falling down and my husband said he didn't want to deal with it unless it fell down.  I was not happy about that, especially since our pond is right there and my plants are getting bigger each year.  I also have several birdhouses around that area and didn't want to lose any. 
A few weeks ago we had some very big gusts.  We came outside to see the big white and green birdhouse on the ground where the fence had swayed enough to knock it over.  Ok, that was IT!  Time to tighten up that baby!
We found out that not only do we have an unstable fence, but the neighbors on the other side have an identical fence that is just as wobbly and touches our fence!  So each time the canyon winds would blow, both fences would rock back and forth.  (ugh!!)  When we took some parts down and lifted up the 'post', it was just sitting on the concrete.  No cement inside, no brackets, nothing!!  No wonder it moved like crazy!

We started by digging down in the dirt next to the cement wall.  We dug down about 15" for each of the three posts.  There was concrete down there, so we couldn't dig deeper.  We drilled holes (meaning he drilled holes...), then attached anchors through the new 4x4 into the concrete wall.  We then poured concrete in each hole. 

The next day we attached brackets between the new 4x4's and vinyl 4x4's.  The funny thing was that the vinyl fence was SO un-level, that we were sure our boards were off, but lo and behold, the new ones were perfect. 
We put lattice between two of the new 4x4's and planted vines.  We put the birdhouse back up  and are very happy with the results.  Last week we had strong winds again and not a bit of creaking anymore!  Success!! 

We didn't add lattice to the other section because of the slope of the hill that it's on.  There just wouldn't have been enough lattice to work with to look right.  Instead, we hung a birdfeeder there and will patiently wait for the Weigala and Rose of Sharon that are right there to grow and cover the area.

We spent two days and about $200 and now have a sturdy fence.  It certainly saves us from the huge expense of putting in an entirely new fence along that wall.  And, now I have more places to plant!
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  1. Great save on repairing the fence Pam (and husband). Love seeing your garden pictures.

  2. What a huge improvement! Love the lantern on the post too. Great idea and how lucky are you to have such a handy hubby!

  3. I like the use of the lattice, so glad you didn't loose anything more when it started getting tippy. Would hate for all your hard work and planting to get destroyed.

  4. Beautiful! And I love it when the vines grow long enough to trail over a fence! Nice!

  5. Really a huge home improvements with vinyl fences. I read your blog It's completely an informative post about vinyl fences and your images of fences are awesome. Good stuff!

  6. Yay for handy husbands! So glad you were able to repair your fence without it costing an arm and a leg!

  7. Congrats to you and your husband for the newly improved fence.

  8. A thrifty repair and a beautiful new look! You can't go wrong there. Great job.

  9. It looks very nice! Great job, Pam!

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  11. It is awesome. You have done huge improvement. Beautiful I love it.


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