Sunday, May 13, 2012

What a Beautiful Time of Year

After many months of snow and cold, I am so happy to welcome spring!  May and June are absolutely beautiful here.

Yesterday I planted my pots. (yes, today my old body is feeling it!) :)

I planted cosmos, petunias, snapdragons and a spike in the middle of each.

I planted these a couple of weeks ago.  They are wave petunias and are already starting to fill in nicely.   (You can see the Arborviteas along the fence.  They were all the same size when I planted them two years ago.  What the heck is with the little guy in the center??)

 I love the adirondack chairs my husband built.  We spend a lot of time sitting in them.

The wave petunias in the boxes on the ladder and the perennials are starting to come back to life in this area.

The creeping thyme between the rocks is really filling in.  Last week I added rocks to the back side of the pond so my husband could get to the pump and filters without ruining any of the plants back there. 

The fish are getting big! 

 We used to have an ugly piece of mesh separating the area for Max to lay down in and the rest of the pond, but he never gives any indication that he'd go in the deep end, so we got rid of it.  We love the look of the pond without it!

He is definitely my favorite part of the backyard! 

 We had dinner out here last night and it was a perfect night!  I'm looking forward to everything blooming and many more nights out here this summer.

Thanks for your visit! 
 Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Pam, my goodness, your yard is SO BEAUTIFUL! I wish you and your husband could fly to Georgia and help me with mine. I bet dinner outside was lovely. Happy Mother's Day. I'm off to vote for you. Good Luck!

  2. What a Beautiful yard! I Love all your flower planters. And that Pond is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Happy Mothers day!

  3. It looks beautiful! The pond is especially looking great with all the plants getting bigger. I love the thyme! The fish are getting so big, as well! So impressed that you did this pond yourself!!

  4. Your back yard is so gorgeous with Max's wading pool back there! Your planters look great, and your husband has scored again by building those Adirondack chairs! He can build anything, can't he? I saw an old ladder last week and I thought of you. I should have bought it.

  5. I love eating outside...and with such beautiful scenery like yours!

  6. Your garden is just fabulous! You certainly deserve to win.
    You've got my vote!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Happy Mothers Day to you:) Your yard is just beautiful, and the chairs turned out so nice. I simply love your space and your cute dog:)

  8. Your garden is beautiful, and I LOVE, LOVE the ladder! We are heading north to WI in the next couple of weeks and I'm so looking forward to gardening in 'cool' weather! Last year I stumbled on an old cherry picking ladder and plan to use it much like you have done! Thank you for sharing your lovely garden with us!

  9. Beautiful! Makes me want to spruce up my yard.

  10. Your backyard is beautiful!!.. oh, that pond!

  11. What a lovely backyard. Love the wave petunias on the ladder, you will have to post when those start to fill in, bet they will be stunning. I have a pond too and it just makes the yard, yours is beautiful. Thanks for sharing, visiting from Between Naps on the Porch.

  12. I'd be happy to vote for you. Congratulations on the nomination. I'm stopping by from Between Naps on the Porch and I'm your newest follower.

  13. Pam your yard looks beautiful!! LOVE that pond! Heading over to vote now:)

  14. What a beautiful backyards. I love the style. Visit

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  17. Hi Pam,

    Your yard looks beautiful! I love your adirondack chairs.
    I love the pond. How do you keep it looking so crystal clear?

    I voted for you :)


  18. Wow Pam!
    Your garden is spectacular!
    I love the water feature and I am so envious that your dog doesn't go in and dig it out like my lab did! We had a small stream that spilled into a deep plastic pool when we first got Cada and she decided to dig it all out and then sit in and dig the deep pool area!
    I was forever bathing her and hosing her off --- always totally muddy! (And that included the patio where she ran back and forth with the muddy paws etc. We had to get rid of it.
    I was so sad. No more trickling waterfall sounds!

    Your lovingly made Adrirondack chairs are so great and love the ladder in your garden covered with plants --- so clever!

    Thanks SO much for sharing Pam!


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